Why won’t my computer turn on?

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When we try to turn on the computer, it does not turn on. The explanation is very simple. How to find out what is the solution to this problem? Let us know in detail here how to test properly.

Before you call a professional for a solution to this problem, we will try the following efforts to solve the problem on your own with the following simple steps.

If you try to turn on your computer it will not turn on.

I understand that you too are very bored with similar issues and are thinking about it. However I have my valuable data on my computer. So when your computer does not turn on, the first thing you need to remember is that there is no need to worry about losing our data.

In such a case, it is very easy to retrieve our music, documents, videos, emails and photographs. You store such items on your hard drive. Your hard drive can rarely cause a computer or laptop to not turn on.

So you need to be as calm as possible without getting in trouble. first you make sure all your data is safe. Then, to figure out what the problem is, you need to follow the steps below to solve it on your own.

  1. Check your strength

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If your computer’s power receiving signals do not show up properly when your computer is not turned on, this problem may be related to electricity. We notice that it is very different now than it was when your computer was started. However, it does not load your operating system. If you can not hear the features or can not see the lights turn on, you can be sure that your computer has a power problem.

In such a case the first thing you need to do is check if your computer is turned on. It seems basic to us, but something like this can often be the source of this problem for us. Every existing power switch needs to be checked to see if the power button is switched on.

Common power switches that people usually forget.

  • The power button on the front of the desktop’s computer case.
  • switch on the Power button back of the desktop
  • switch on the Power button top or side of your laptop
  • You should check the switch on any power missing strips or power distribution devices.
  1. You should check the electrical socket once.

If you have a power strip but you are using a battery station or some other power distribution device, remove it and plug it directly into the wall. Adherence to such small programs will eliminate these devices as the source of your problem.

If your computer still does not power after plugging the power plug into the wall, it is a good idea to check the electrical sockets you have connected. A lamp should be plugged into the socket and then checked to see if it is working.

However, in such a case when the electrical socket does not work, it is better to use another socket. Need to fix it. If the electrical socket is working, you should go to step

  1. Check your computer strings once.

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You need to make sure that there is no physical damage to the power cord you are using. If you are using a computer desktop, we will find the power cable between the electrical sockets of the computer case. On a laptop, I suggest that you use an AC adapter plugged into the wall if you want to charge.

First, after removing your power cord, make sure there is no break or damage. If you find any damage, we can find out what needs to be replaced.

And when it comes to laptops and tablets, the AC adapter we use can be a common cause of these power problems. Thus when they are broken, it becomes difficult for them to charge your laptop. We can charge you with a new adapter specially made for your laptop as a solution to this problem.

  1. Checking for loose hardware.

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The power buttons you use, the electrical socket, after checking your wires, we find that the solutions vary slightly. This is especially true if you have your computer turned on. But it needs to be turned off before your operating system can load. It is necessary to point us to one of two things in case of electrical shorts or serious hardware problems.

If the first is an electrical short, you need to do these.

Now you need to make sure that the voltage coming from the power supply is set in the correct module for your computer. If you do not get enough volts, your computer may not be online.

Going a little further you should first make sure that your computer is not overheating. In such a case your computer will be kept in a cool place. There is plenty of space to vent there so it is good to be there. Yet as it heats up it turns off.

Take a look inside the computer and do it once for the electrical shorts. This is one of the most common reasons for computers to shut down as soon as they start.

If it’s like an electrical short in your hardware, you may need to open every single piece inside your computer to find out which part is causing the problem.

  1. Check your monitor.

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If you notice that your computer sometimes does not turn on yet, remember that this is actually a problem with the monitor. This lets you know that your computer (CPU) is turning on, but this way the monitor is empty which is why you can’t see anything. If you still hear features, no other sounds, if you can not see the lights in the computer case, you probably know that the monitor is having trouble.

You need to check if your monitor is working on this issue. First you check the power source. Make sure your monitor is plugged directly into the wall and that the cable to your monitor is running properly and is loose.

  1. Check for failed hardware.

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If you find out that thousands of parts of your hardware have completely crashed, you may forget that this is the main reason why your computer does not turn on. All we need to do is change the hardware in a situation like this.

The hardware that is usually responsible for this type of problem is your video card and your processor and heatsink. Note that your motherboard is damaged.

If you have basic problems beyond computer management and you are not a computer expert, it is a good idea to meet with a professional assistant at this time.

More computer help and advice

When your computer does not turn on, this is the main reason why the computer does not get power. It is turned on a thousand times, your cords are in good position, you can restart by checking that the electrical socket is working properly. After that we get some technical solutions.

In such cases, you should take professional help. Find out by looking at our services and how we can help you


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