What Are the 4 Pillars of CASB?

Pillars of CASB

Cloud access security brokers serve an important role in running your business. If you are thinking about implementing this process, it is imperative to understand the four pillars of CASB and how they operate in the real world.

Data Protection

Data protection is one of the single most important tasks you must be able to accomplish as you run your company right now. That means being able to see all threats well before they pose a problem for your business. The use of this form of technology is one of the best ways to get on top of the issue and stay in front of it. That is a good way to keep everything in order in your workspace. Users can set varied types of parameters well before they begin and stick to them as they operate their business in real-world time. Granular control ensures that everything you need to get done is done according to your exact specifications.


One of the most important things that any kind of system will do is ensure that it is visible to the end-user. Visibility makes sure that it is easy to see what is going on with the system and why. It also ensures that every single user has access to the data points they need most as they operate in this system. Who is using the system should be immediately obvious. That is a principle that those at Zscaler stick to every day when they work with their many clients. They offer help in the form of an effective CASB you can trust to have your back at all times as you operate your company.

Threat Protection

Malware is a huge issue in the modern world. Hackers are always on the lookout for new ways to create problems for your business. It’s possible to work for a long time without realizing there’s a problem. Malware can be classified as either known or unknown. Zero-day malware, also known as unknown malware, poses a special threat. That’s why modern CASBs make use of both signature-based protection and data-centric protection. Both have a role to play in how you operate your business and make sure that you are protected in the event of an attack.


Identity is another issue that will arise as you operate your business. You want to make sure that only authorized users have access to the data that you’re using to operate your business. That’s why it is crucial to understand how it operates. When everyone has to verify their identity as they use the data, this is another way to keep things safe and secure. It’s also another way to avoid problems with hackers who might steal your data. It’s one of the best ways to keep on top of things and make sure that you are protected in every way.

These pillars are some of the most important ways to keep your business safe right now. For more information, you can always reach out to online resources.

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