Sticker and labels – an effective promotional tool

Sticker and labels

The world has become one village. Gone are the days when commerce was divided by boundaries. With increased global competition, delivering a product having superior and durable quality does not essentially convert it into a great success. Thus, packaging and labelling, along with advertising, has played an important role which has helped many entrepreneurs beat the competition and find a larger market share for their products. Advertising uses various merchandising techniques that focus on the appealing and alluring characteristics of the product. However, it is a hard reality that advertising is far from being cheap.

Over the years, sticker printing has been used as an effective tool for branding and advertising by many companies. It is no longer considered as a doodle but as a valuable tool of promotion. Stickers are the ‘first impression’ of the product. As per significant reports, the majority of the consumers will first notice the sticker on the label. If they are attractive and catch the attention of the customer, then the chances of sales increase.

Here are a few advantages of stickers as part of promotion and brand identity:


The utmost advantage of stickers and labels is their cost-efficiency. Colourful and customised stickers create a strong brand image in the market.

Enhanced brand recognition

Stickers easily amalgamate themselves into every promotion campaign. It is an add-on to leaflets, posters, and labels, which grabs the attention of the consumers and makes the marketing tools more effective.

Wide range of shapes and sizes

Customised offerings of stickers help in creating brand identity. A unique feature is that it can be made in any shape and size – adaptive to business organisations.

Due to the adaptive and customised nature of stickers, the next question arises ‘what kind of stickers to use?’. There are many kinds of stickers that cater to the needs of various businesses. Here are a few types:

Vinyl Stickers

The biggest advantage of this type of sticker is its resistance from water, fading, and tearing. It can also be easily removed without leaving any sticky marks. Above all, it provides a glossy finish which produces a tacky as well as an elegant look. There are also types of vinyl stickers, such as calendared vinyl and cast vinyl. Businesses can choose whatever suits them best.

Fade-resistant ink stickers

This kind of sticker is known for its longevity as it remains on the product for a relatively longer duration. Due to this, it creates a larger impact on the consumer even after continuous usage. The brand identity in the form of logos or holograms does not fade away.

Die-cut stickers

Die-cut stickers are laser cut completely throughout the back of the. It is digitally printed and provides a fine finish to the stickers. Having sharp contrast features, it automatically grabs the attention of the customers.

Sticker printing is not restricted to just the types mentioned above. There are many other types, such as paper stickers, holograms, 3-D stickers, which can be used depending upon the promotional idea.

Stickers have opened various areas to explore creative minds to bring newer methods into the ambit of advertising. It is the innovative mind which can best utilise the stickers by customising them according to their needs. Small businesses have used stickers as an aggressive tool as part of their promotional campaigns due to their cost-efficiency. In the future, there lie even bigger opportunities in which stickers can help businesses grow and gain market share.

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