7 Best Project Zomboid Server Hosting for Better Gameplay Experience

Project Zomboid server hosting

If you’d like to have fun playing this game without any issues, then hiring an Project Zomboid server hosting is a great alternative. It can provide you with the capabilities, features such as uptime, performance, and uptime that you require to fight the zombies that can be deadly and boost the odds of survival.

Project Zomboid is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy games that involve zombies. It takes you to a place ravaged by the abysmal zombies, infectious diseases as well as food scarcity and more.

The game is a challenge, you’ll be faced with all sorts of challenges and will need to use your survival skills for as long as you can. You’ll learn how to build homes, make weapons, battle zombies as well as hunt food in order to stay alive.

Let’s find out how a gaming server hosting service can improve your gaming experience. Then, examine some of the top server hosting companies.

What is Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid is an open-world zombie-infested video game. The is a survival-themed horror title designed by The Indie Stone, a Canadian and British developer, and launched in 2011 as a demonstration. The game was released as an early access game through Steam in 2013 and a multiplayer version was made available to the general public in 2014.

As a participant as a participant in Project Zomboid, your task is to make it through as long as you can before you die. To survive you must endure extreme weather and deal with hunger, infections sadness, depression and even depression as you battle the deadly zombies. To maximize your chances of survival you’ll have to build weapons and hunt for food and protect yourself as well as your allies against a ruthless army of zombies.

Game Features:

  • Sandbox survival for scavenging food, construct houses and defenses, as well as craft weapons to combat the ravages of death
  • Get rid of the horde assistance of combat and gunfire
  • Join forces with your pals to share a screen servers created by users
  • An incredible investigation of the isometric Kentucky towns on a huge map
  • Learn survival techniques through gaming and through experiences in fighting zombies, illnesses and depression
  • Mod support, for example, powerful Lua with development tools and maps
  • Other features include weapons recipes, animations, places and lightening, dogs and various other survival systems
  • In the near future, there could be storylines from the PZ series, NPC encounters, and other things.
  • Project Zomboid is available on Mac, PC, and Linux


Project Zomboid can be set in a post-apocalyptic post-apocalyptic in which you, as a participant, aren’t infected and the goal is to avoid infection, to die, or turn into the zombie. The government has declared a quarantine for the area of Kentucky which is known as “Knox Country”. It is a battle to the longest amount of time prior to the moment one attacks you or you die through any means, like becoming sick.

The players are able to select their profession, characteristics and appearance prior to when they are sent into one of four affected towns that are replicated to match the real world of Louisville, West Point, and Muldraugh. The game will present you with a group of zombies that want to take your life and turn you into one of them. Alongside them, you’ll confront personal issues like the feeling of loneliness and anxiety, fatigue, stress and fear, and more.

But, you have to face the challenges of fighting your the demons in your own and outside. You can create weapons to defeat zombies, find food sources to keep yourself alive, take a break to fight on and secure yourself by building your own homes and defensive structures. Also, you can join with others who aren’t infected to create a survival plan and fight boredom and zombies together. However, do not trust anyone fully and devise a plan of your own to shield yourself from mistrust or other threats.

Project Zomboid uses the Romero style of slow-moving zombies but some can be more agile. There are several difficulty levels as well as the sandbox mode that allows players to alter game’s settings, such as zombies as well as loot rarity, viral transmissibility, and so on. When the game is progressing the region becomes increasingly empty, with water and power grids cut off and erosion, food shortages and more.

To be able to play Project Zombie with full power you require dedicated server hosting for your game.

What is the meaning behind this?

Let’s find out!

Why would you need Project Zomboid server hosting?

Imagine doing well in the game, destroying zombies, creating defenses, forming more allies and becoming stronger as the game progresses.

You observe a zombie approaching your position, and you think you’ll be able to kill it easily, but once you grab your weapon but you aren’t able to. Your game is slow and you’re being bitten into the flesh of the zombie.

Ultimately, you die, game over!

How did that happen?

It’s because your server is slow. Even a minute of delay during gameplay could ruin your gaming experience. The reason for this is that your server might not be able provide you with the energy you require to provide your game with resources as well as uptime, speed and performance.

When it happens, you’re unable to truly do anything other than begin again. There is no reason to blame anyone or seek assistance since you’re using your normal server to play and many other people also share. This is the reason why server’s resources are distributed and if you use the server for heavy-duty computation and you are not in a position to benefit from its normal power.

However, if you lease your gaming server through a dedicated service provider You can get servers that are extremely efficient and have plenty of resources to play your games. The server will also include several useful features, customisations security tools, as well as high uptime so that you don’t need to contend constantly with crashes, lags and interruptions.

Here are some advantages of having an exclusive Project Zomboid server hosting:

Better performance

Game servers come with performance-enhancing capabilities and the latest technologies to ensure you enjoy faster gameplay. They also provide greater capacity to allow for unstoppable gaming. Additionally, they play servers in worldwide data centers, which means you can choose your preferred place to have fun regardless of the location you’re with your pals.

Useful Features

There are many helpful options for customization including mod support maps and a clear dashboard for managing everything and much other. In this way, you’ll be able to improve the experience and enjoyable.

Greater uptime

Game server hosts provide an uptime guarantee of over 90% or 99.9 or 100 percent. This will ensure that your game is accessible all the time to allow players to enjoy themselves. This is not like the experience you get from regular servers that are full of downtimes, lags and slowness.


Internet is susceptible to threats and security breaches, including playing online. Hackers could be able to steal your bandwidth or gain control of your server for gaming or even misuse your personal information. But, the game servers provide security features like DDoS security, secure data centers, secure connections, and many more.

If you’d like to take advantage of these benefits below are some examples of Project Zomboid server hosting for you.

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Indifferent Broccoli

indifferent Broccoli can be the ideal server host when you and your buddies fight to survive the zombie Apocalypse. The setup of the server is easy and fast, meaning you don’t have to think about anything other than playing. The process of setting up an Project Zomboid server takes only one click.

The Indifferent Broccoli is confident about its services. They provide a free two-day trial, without having to provide the payment information upfront since they are confident that you will be satisfied once they sign you up.

What makes them so sure that you’ll pick the straight-faced broccoli for hosting your zombie-infested Louisville, KY map? Because their customer service is of the highest quality and is almost always accessible through Discord. They know that when you’re ready to play you don’t want to sit for support that is slow.

Indifferent Broccoli also offers high-quality equipment to minimize delays. They have high-speed machines (64GB or 256GB memory) located in Data Centers throughout North America and Europe so you won’t have to fret about performance when you load your most loved mods such as Kentucky Police Pack or Zombie Camouflage.

Try Indifferent Broccoli Try it to find an efficient, friendly and efficient server hosting service on Your Project Zomboid servers. They offer a 2-day trial at no cost, followed by the cost of $6 per month for a 4 player PZ server.


Are you looking for an Project Zomboid server with dedicated server resources? Try XGamingServer. look into XGamingServer which is an PZ Virtual Dedicated Game server with a control panel that has been designed to be custom specifically to host the game they play.

The Xgamingserver team is proud in offering servers that are dedicated to server use rather than games slots. When you purchase our game server , you are able to add any number of players that the resources allow. Upgrade and downgrade whenever you require more or less resources. This will ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

The servers they host are running using the most recent Ryzens along with Intel processors that are equipped with the most recent NVMe SSD drives. Professional DDoS Protection guarantees a continuous gaming experience. You can automate scheduled backups of servers. You can also invite other users to set up the server on your behalf.

You have full control over the server’s files, you can add Steam mods for workshop on your PZ server with ease If you’re stuck, Xgamingserver provides an extensive guideline to assist you in setting up your server.

With servers across North America, Europe, and Australia it ensures that you have the lowest ping when leasing the servers that are closest to you and your group.

With options from 2GB to 16GB, prices starting at just $8. Start your Xgamingserver server and begin building your own community of zomboid survivors.


If you’re a fervent gaming enthusiast, check out Project Zomboid for free by hiring a server through ScalaCube. It gives you a free domain immediate setup, security from unwelcome DDoS attacks SSD drives, servers settings, mods support and much more.

For experienced gamers, ScalaCube gives complete access to FTP with the ability to alter settings according to your preferences. Have fun with your pals and enjoy your ScalaCube Project Zomboid server hosting games. You can access the server at all times, without lags, meaning you’ll be connected at any moment with your buddies.

Play with different game modes and try out each with various gameplay strategies. In each mode, you will be able to experience positive and negative traits as well as create characters and improve your skills. ScalaCube is home to its infrastructure in Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

It’s free for one server, however you will receive 6GB of RAM, 2 CPUs with 3.4GHz and 30GB of storage. The paid plans start at $10 per month for 40 player slots unlimited servers with 3GB RAM, 3.4GHz CPU and 30GB of storage.

Survival Servers

Hire Project Zomboid server hosting from Survival Servers and experience more enjoyable gameplay with a variety of advantages. You’ll have access to FTP and instant server configuration option and access to third-party tools that send out automated messages in accordance with server and much more.

Survival Servers utilizes Intel as well as AMD CPUs and SSD drives to reduce delays during gameplay. You can switch your location at any time, change the settings of your server to meet your requirements, and then instantly switch to other games. It also houses multiple data centers that protect servers from DDoS attacks 24 hours a day.

You can install mods and plugins and alter the control panel at any time you wish. Find the latest versions of mods, and set launch parameters as per your preferences. Additionally, you can change the status of your server to be stopped, started and restart.

Select the nearest server and the amount of slots and servers you require, the bill cycle and map and then order your server for an initial cost of $21.25/month.


Rent the best Project Zomboid server hosting from GPORTAL for your personal computer. It lets you select your RAM to improve your game experience, and also switch between games at any time between the available options. It also comes with 50GB of backup space to store settings and saved games.

Your server will be up and running within minutes after placing an order with Project Zomboid. GPORTAL collaborates with Corero who offer security features to guard servers from DDoS attacks. GPORTAL also makes use of fast SSD hardware to reduce delays in servers and give you the best gaming experience.

GPORTAL has several data centers all over the world including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Washington, Sao Paulo, London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Moscow, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, and Sydney.

GPORTAL Gamecloud is a great choice for gamers. GPORTAL Gamecloud, you’re capable of playing on your terms without having to sign any contract. Additionally, you can be able to acquire new mechanics, weapons such as maps, vehicles, and much more. If you’re a seasoned gamer, you can make your own configuration and connect to FTP.

Apex Hosting

Experience low latency using Apex Hosting and lease an Apex Hosting Project Zomboid server to play with your pals. The hardware is enterprise-grade that is high-performance, and 24 hours a day online servers, which means you can play any time you’d like. Simply relax and focus on your game while letting Apex Hosting manage the backups and updates.

Simple configuration can save time in setting your settings. When you’re done with the registration process, the server should be up and running in a flash. In addition, experienced gamers will have full accessibility to FTP and file manager, along with a user-friendly control panel for mobile devices.

Don’t be concerned about losing data Your servers are secure against DDoS attacks all day long. Additionally, you will receive single-click mod pack packs, a free subdomains, an effective controls panel and much more. Additionally, you will be able to manage your game console regardless of where you are, and change between games available.

Apex Hosting has data centers around the world located in London, Germany, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, Florida, Quebec, Poland, France and Russia in addition to Oregon, California, Texas across the globe in Canada, California, Texas, Oregon and Virginia and Virginia in the US.

Choose from several plans beginning at $7.49 initially, which includes 2GB RAM.


Rent a Project Zomboid server with premium GTXGaming hosting and setup your server in a matter of minutes after you sign up for your account. It offers offsite backups as well as global coverage so that you can enjoy better gaming.

If you’re novice to gaming or have experience, no matter how experienced or new,’s Control Panel is user-friendly and includes useful tools. It’s a plethora of benefits as it works with all maps, provides full support, shields servers from DDoS attacks, and refunds your money if not satisfied with the services and much more.

GTXGaming employs enterprise-grade hardware, ranging from sturdy E3 processors to the most recent i7 and i9 processors to offer lag-free gaming and makes use of AMD Ryzens for greater server power. There are data centers in Los Angeles, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Dallas, Miami, Quebec, London, Miami, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore and Sydney.

Determine your slot, RAM the closest server location CPU, priority for CPU the hard disk and disk space and then order your server today.


Utilizing the dedicated Project Zombouid server hosting will provide you with improved gaming performance as well as higher uptime, more security, and a host of options to make your gaming even more enjoyable. Therefore, select one of the servers hosting games that we have mentioned earlier and play your games without hassle.

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