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What makes a computer fast and powerful?

Usually we measure the performance of a computer component in gigahertz or gigabytes. However we cannot say that the sum is equal to the sum of its parts. This makes it somewhat difficult for us to measure whether…

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how to find and recover lost hard drive space in Windows

Many people in recent times are using hard drives to save data. That is why it serves as one of the main storage media. But some people are losing some hard drive space without knowing the exact reason….

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how to open JAR files in Windows 10

Do you know what a jar file is like before? Ever seen a JAR file before? How to create JAR files in Windows 10? Let’s find out all of the things here. Open-jar-windows If you want to know…

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How to fix stop BAD POOL HEADER error in Windows

Usually a hardware or software failure in our system can cause serious damage to our system. Also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or Stop Error caused by the OS to protect against this damage. It comes…

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How to find a printer IP address

Usually when we use a networked printer they suddenly stop working. We need to know the static (private) IP address of the printer that Mano is using to confirm this. There are several different ways to find the…

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How to enable or disable the touchscreen on a laptop

How is the keyboard different from the touchscreen? The touchscreen will disappear on the front of your computer monitor. We need to understand how this touch screen works which means that we can help ourselves in using this…

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What is a CSV file and how to open a CSV file format?

What is a CSV file and how to open a CSV file format What is a CSV file in general? CSV stands for comma-separated values. The CSV file is what we grow as a plain text file. It…

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How to change your name on Facebook

Facebook sets certain standards for social networks. Facebook is one of the most important websites on earth with millions of active users. It offers different features for all types of users. We can create a Facebook profile for…

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How do I remove the keys on a keyboard?

Usually most people do things like play games, work or do online shopping for Sharada on their computers. In the meanwhile, students are using them for online classes and reading. In the meanwhile more and more people are…

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How do I find what computer motherboard I have?

Although we officially observe the motherboard definition, the motherboard is the main printed circuit board in a computer. This means that it serves as the primary part of the circuitry in a computer, plugging all the other pieces…