Mouse Left Click Not Working? Check How to Fix It

Mouse Left Click Not Working

Mouse Left Click Not Working – Does the left-click button of your mouse bother you too much? Want to do the right-click task of your mouse without showing any problems? Then you are in the right place.

Whether it is an external mouse or a built-in mouse (for laptops & tablets), we usually encounter a number of problems when using it. Also, the left-click button double-clicks on its own without our intervention. Therefore, we face problems in completing their tasks on their desktops or laptops.

We present to you the best methods that can solve the problem of mouse left click not working. Follow the paragraphs below carefully and you will get tricks to solve that problem.

Problem Overview of Mouse left clicks not working.

We connect and use a wireless or wired mouse to our desktop computers and laptops. Without the use of a mouse device we cannot easily do any task properly.

Using the mouse is not easy, although they have keyboard shortcuts to move the cursor and access the left-click and right-click buttons. So we have become accustomed to using the mouse.

So, we have to face a lot of problems when the mouse is not working properly. That is why we need to solve problems quickly from time to time.

Using the left-click of the mouse, we can select the file, folder and application in our systems. At the same time, we can use it to drag, drop and execute programs by double-clicking.

Whenever the left-click button does not work, we cannot do all these things on the PC. Whether it is a hardware or software problem, we need to fix it so that we can use it smoothly again.

The following may be the reasons why the mouse left-click does not work

Related issues

Below are some solutions to problems you may have with left-clicking your mouse. Whenever you see them on your system you can get your solutions by tapping the following.

Mouse Left Click Not Working Windows 10:-

All users who have Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 installed have problems with the left-click of the mouse. Therefore, updating the mouse drivers, uninstalling unwanted or problematic applications, and troubleshooting hardware can fix this error.

Logitech Mouse Left Click Not Working:-

Due to some issues with recent Windows updates and third-party antivirus, mouse left-click may not work properly. To resolve the issue, follow the troubleshooting methods given in this post.

Left-click not working on laptop:-

Prolonged use of the laptop is also one of the reasons why the left-click button does not work. Repair corrupted system files, remove recently installed programs, and reset the system to resolve the issue.

Mouse Left-clicking Mac:-

Whether it is Windows or Mac system, the user can try the basic and advanced steps provided in this post. If you encounter such a problem, remove the dust by cleaning the mouse or replace it with a new one.

Mouse Left-click Backwards:-

First, remove the mouse from your desktop. Install the latest drivers and update the mouse drivers to fix the problem. Or uninstall and reinstall the mouse drivers for the left-click button to work perfectly.

Left-click hold does not work:-

You must modify the settings by setting the primary button to left-click. At the same time, fix the problem by checking the hardware issues. You can apply the tips we offer to get out of this problem.

Basic troubleshooting steps

Restart the pc/lap: – When the mouse does not work according to its function, it appears that there is a hardware problem. We are well aware that hardware problems can be solved by a simple system restart. So, the first thing you need to do when the mouse left click not working problem occurs is to reboot the device. Through this, the left-click button will start working properly. Still, if left-click does not respond, try the troubleshooting steps below.

Run widows hardware troubleshooter:- Windows provides an inbuilt hardware troubleshooter to check for and repair any problems. This allows the keyboard, mouse, monitor and other hardware components to run smoothly. This is one reason why the left-click mouse does not work.

Step1:- press windows + S and type control panel in the search toolbar.

Step2:- click the best matches that you have found in the results.

Step3:- after you see the control panel, select the system and security.

Step4:- Under the security and maintenance section, gowith the troubleshoot common computer problems option.


Finally, I would like to say that the mouse should work properly to avoid mistakes or errors when working on our systems. Failure of the right-click or left-click buttons will cause the user a lot of trouble.

Earlier, we discussed how to fix Windows 10 without right-clicking. Now, you have learned the methods to solve the mouse left click not working problem.

In addition to the above methods, re-registering Windows applications and checking for keys stuck on the keyboard can also solve these problems.

The user who develops other ideas to solve the same problem can share them with us through our website. Also, you can post instructions or ask questions about any technical glitches.

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