Mouse Keeps Double Clicking : {Fixed It}

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You will note that your Mouse Keeps Double Clicking an icon occasionally, or usually, even though you push the mouse button just once. Click the links below to examine the specifics of each of the key causes of this problem.

Too low a double-click speed setting:

The double-click speed setting for your mouse is set too low, the most common reason for the mouse is double clicking windows 10 problem. Clicking at two separate times will instead be viewed as a double-click when set extremely low. Follow the instructions below for your Windows edition to change the double-click setting.

Windows 8 and Windows 10:

  • Click the Windows key, select the settings for the mouse, and then pressing Enter.
  • In the Settings section, press the Additional Mouse Options link under Relevant settings.
  • Click the Buttons tab in the Mouse Properties pane, if not already chosen.
  • Modify the slider on the Buttons tab for the Double-click speed alternative, then pressing OK.
  • To see if that helps fix the double-clicking problem, try the double-click speed change. To change the setting again, repeat the process above, if appropriate.

Mouse properties

Why Is My Mouse Keeps Double Clicking:

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There are several my mouse keeps double clicking that arise on your Computer, and we’ll show you how to address the following troubles in this essay:

  • Registering twice with mouse clicks:

This is a widespread thing, as many people have recorded twice clicking their mouse. Even though this is an irritating issue, with our methods, you should be able to solve it.

  • Clicking the wireless mouse twice:

Wireless network mouse all are affected by this epidemic. If you have this issue with your wireless mouse, attempt to connect directly your receiver to your PC.

  • The mouse clicks twice automatically:

According to consumers, their mouse often clicks twice automatically. This is a rare issue that can be caused by problems with electronics.

  • Clicking the middle mouse button twice:

This is another complaint with the mouse that users have mentioned. Their middle mouse button often clicks twice, as per them.

  • Random clicks of the mouse:

mouse randomly double clicks is another prominent concern identified by users. According to them, even when hovering, their mouse will click.

How do I try to solve double-clicking problems with the mouse?

  1. The older driver’s rollback

Few users have stated that this problem occurs after a certain Windows update with a mouse and touchpad, and it is advised that you roll back to the earlier edition of the driver to address it.

Take these steps to achieve that:

  • To open the Power User Menu and select the System Manager from the list, click Windows Key + X.
  • Locate the mouse or touchpad when the System Manager opens and double clicking it to unlock its property.
  • Go over to the Operator tab and press the button for Roll Back Driver.
  • Wait before Windows 10 rolls over to the older driver edition.
  • Instead, some users consider using the automatic driver instead. To do so, right-click and pick Uninstall to open the System Manager and find your mouse or touchpad.
  • Restart the machine after deleting the engine. The default driver will be updated when your machine restarts, and that should ideally settle your issue.
  1. Modify the USB Root Hub Power Management Settings:

Mouse Is Double Clicking Users also stated that by adjusting the power management settings for the USB Root Hub, you can address these problems. Simply obey these guidelines to do that:

  • Start System Manager.
  • Go over to the Controllers portion of the Usb and extend it.
  • To access its property, double click USB Root Hub.
  • Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck To conserve power, enable the system to shut this computer off.
  • In order to save changes, press Add and OK.
  • For all USB Root Hub systems specified in the System Manager, repeat the previous procedure.
  1. Using applications by a third party:
  • If mouse keeps double clicking continues, you may want to try to use a third-party programme to resolve it.
  • And according clients, by using tools such as Left Mouse Button Repair or X-Mouse Button Power, they tried to complete this issue.
  • You will need start the programme and go to Settings > Advanced and pick De-bounce (ignore) rapid mouse button clicks to solve this issue using X-Mouse Button Function.
  • The trouble with double clicks must be solved while doing that. Bear in mind that the main to completely correct the problem, you will need to start these tools any time you start your Computer.
  1. Reinstall your driver for your mouse:
  • Mouse continues right clicking issue may also be due to the mouse driver being obsolete or corrupted. If you have not been able to correct the error by changing the double-click speed, reinstall your mouse driver to fix it.
  • Since the new right driver after uninstalling the mouse driver is hard to find and update, We suggest that you download the right driver before uninstalling it.

Why can I double-click Windows 10 on my mouse?

Open Application Settings -> Computers and pick Mouse. Then press the Link Additional Mouse Options -> Buttons tab and change the Double-Clicking Speed slider. For your information, here’s the entire protocol.

How do I have my mouse configured?

You can also customise mouse settings in the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Mouse. Follow the directions in this guideline if you can’t open the Control Panel.

How can I adjust the click of the mouse?

Press on the Alter mouse pointer view or velocity connection in the Control Panel. Pick the Pointer Options tab throughout the new Properties window and keep the slider while rotating the mouse to change its direction.


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