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You would use an internet browsers that normally has a navigation toolbar and a viewing area where you can see the pages you are accessing in order to access the internet. That is really called window mode, but it isn’t the only way a web browser can be accessed. The full-screen mode, which makes websites over your whole viewing area, is also available. It seems like there is just not enough display space available on our screens, either because the panel is too small and the resolution too high, or for some other reason. Today, we’re teaching you how to run Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and the classic full-screen Google Chrome. We’re moving here:

What happened in full-screen mode while you run a web browser?

Operating an internet browser in full screen mode ensures that all available screen space is filled by the browser. No part of your screen is available to you, and that there’s no taskbar showed. Going full-screen also means that the title bar, navigate tools and buttons such as Back, Forward or Home are no longer seen by the web browser. Which ensures that the buttons located on the pages you are visiting, mouse gestures, or keyboard shortcuts are likely to be used to navigate. To give you an idea, in the window changed versus full-screen, here’s a side-by-side visualization of what the Digital Citizen content of a website like in Google Chrome. The red parts on the left side vanish as you go to the full screen.

How To Go Full Screen On Browser Window Pc Full Screen:

By press the F11 button, you may set Chrome Browser, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet explorer, or Mozilla Firefox to full-screen mode on your device and remove the toolbars and address bar. Click F11 again to move the web browser back to displaying the toolbars and address bars.

The F11 key turns on the Full screen mode in Chrome

In Google Chrome, opening the menu from the upper right corner of the browser is an alternative option to get into full-screen mode. Press the three-dot button (Customize and monitor Google Chrome) and then click the Full Screen button near the Zoom function, outlined below.

Set Chrome to run in fullscreen

 how to zoom in on Chrome sites:

The full-screen mode shows most of the website, but does not increase the size of the text. Using the Zoom setting to make the text bigger.

  • Pick a menu (three-dot) button in the top right corner of Chrome.
  • Go to Zoom and pick + to expand the content of the page or – to decrease the size.
  • Alternatively, use shortcut keys to change the scale of the text of your page. To zoom in and out, keep down the Ctrl key (or the Order key on a Mac) and click the plus or minus keyboard shortcut.


You now know about running full-screen Chrome Browser and all other big web browsers, and even how to get out of there. You can, if you haven’t already tried using your preferred web browser in this mode. Who needs to know, maybe it’ll be easier for you than the standard window mode. Does n’t forget to let us know after you try it, which mode you like and why. You should use the comments below for that.

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