Is the flight club legit?

flight club legit

Does the flight club have a legitimate business model?

Flight Club has a consumer rating of 1.63 stars based on 104 customer reviews which indicate that the majority of customers aren’t satisfied about their purchase. People who complain over Flight Club most frequently mention issues with customer service. Flight Club ranks 87th among Athletic Shoes sites.

Is Flightclub legit? Reddit?

They’re legitimate, but they charge outrageous rates for buyers and sellers.

Do you have a goat who cleans your shoes?

GOAT will clean and sell your shoes that are worn. This way, those who love the sneakerhead can sell their sneakers in the best condition they can and offer them a second chance. With the help of GOAT which will wash, take photos and then sell them to you.

Does a goat clean all shoes?

The entire inventory has been professionally cleaned evaluated and photographed by the GOAT’s expert sneaker photographers. The experts have carefully authenticated each pair. In addition, extensive scrubbing of the kicks, cleaning of the shoelaces and the removal of lint from the liner has been done.

Are you able to sell shoes that are used on the flight club?

Selling your shoes with Flight Club is the easiest method of selling your shoes that are new and in good condition. If your shoes sell you can ask for an electronic payout through PayPal or via the bank transfer option on

What is the time frame to make a sale on a flight club?

about two weeks

How long will it take for a flight company to reimburse you?

Transfers to banks and PayPal payments can take as long as three business days but not counting holidays.

How long will it take to pick up shoes from the flight club?

If you are a US Customers in the US, “Lowest Price” orders generally take between 7 and 9 day (Monday-Friday) to arrive at your address because shoes could be sent to us for verification and authentication in the beginning if they have not been previously verified.

What is the carrier that flight club make use of?


Are you able to return the your flight club shoes?

All sales through Flight Club are final. When an item is sold whether online or at any of our shops the seller receives payment for their item. This is why we are not able to make exchanges or returns.

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