Easy Way to Hide or Delete Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 7/8/10

A recycling bin is essentially a location where, like most garbage applications, deleted objects such as files and directories are temporarily stored. On the desktop, the recycling bin is primarily addressed. Recycle bin is a recognizable program that is often used. The deleted files may be retrieved from the Recycling bin by any person. It keeps all the files removed and makes one, if necessary, to recover the files. In this post, we’ll talking about how to cover the Windows recycling bin. Most of the time, the recycling bin is very convenient, but some people find it pointless, they does not want to stay on the desktop all the time to the recycle bin.

If people try to cover the Recycle Bin, they should. Windows 10 requires the recycling bin to be covered. After the recycle bin is hidden, data and files currently stored in the hide recycling bin. Except this time, using the computer’s search bar, you must search for the recycling bin. As they will no longer exist on the desktop.

What is Recycle Bin? 

How To Delete/Remove Recycle Bin Icon From Windows 10/7 Desktop

We need to understand what recycling bin is in Windows 7/10, before we explore any more options. So, only to state that when a user deletes the material, those files are not entirely eliminated by Windows. Instead, they are stored in the Recycling Bin archive. So, you can clearly describe the Recycle Bin as a place that temporarily stores deleted data.

How to Deleting the Recycle Bin Icon Windows 10:

Remove recycle bin from desktop Unfortunately, Windows 10 makes it even more difficult for the regular person to get rid of the recycle container. They also now totally modified the device position. Fortunately, we have worked this out for you.

  • Firstly, right-click and select Personalize on the screen.

  • Now, on the left-hand menu, choose Themes, and then, once you’re there, under the Related Settings, you can select Desktop Icon Settings.

  • And now you should uncheck the Recycle Bin box and then, at the bottom of the screen, press Apply to completely cover the Recycle Bin symbol.

  • Optionally, by right-clicking on the screen, you can cover all of your desktop icons by clicking View -> Showing Desktop Icons.

How to View/Hide Windows 10/7 Recycle Bin?

As we have been sure, by default, the Recycle Bin service is provided on the desktop. But there are occasions where users choose to hide recycle bin windows 10 icon or reveal it if it’s still covered. By following the basic suggestions mentioned below, you can simply do this.

  • On your screen, go over to the Control Panel and check the Personalization settings. To visiting these options, you could also right-click on the monitor.
  • From here, pick the Alter Desktop Icon option to display/hide the Recycle Bin on Windows.


  • From the Computer Icon settings, you need to toggle on the Recycle Bin choice and save your adjustments.
  • Follow the same method in order to windows 10 hide recycle bin button on Windows. You need to deactivate it instead of activating the icon instead.


How to place a recycling bin in other places?

Now, whether you know how to display or hide the Recycle Bin, you can activate or deactivate it whenever you like on the desktop. In addition to that, Windows also helps one to build Recycle Bin at other places. Through this, we can quickly grasp where the Recycling Bin is stored or immediately navigate it.

  1. First, find and click the Recycling Bin button on the desktop.
  2. Right-click the icon to show its context menu and clicking the “Start Pin” button. This pins the Recycle Bin button on the Menu bar.
  3. Then after, seeing the Recycle Bin icon there, you should go to the Start menu. Once more, pick it and clicking right-click.
  4. This time, from its menu, click the “pin to taskbar” button to start creating its taskbar tab for quick accessing.

How to Restore Recycle Bin:

Next, verify that the Recycling Bin has been deleted or has only been activated. If it is disabled, so it can be enabled quickly by users. To do this, go to Control Panel > Personalization > Settings for Desktop Icon. Trigger the Recycling Bin checkbox in the pop-up pane. Save the modifications and close the browser now.


Some users have never considered the recycle bin on the computer very helpful, because as one of the first tasks that are done, it is always disappeared. The only thing is that a new edition of Windows needs more steps in the direction of it, and it is much more difficult for Windows 10 than for others. So, hiding the recycle bin in every version of Windows requires several steps.

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