How to Fix Mouse Wheel not Scrolling in 2021 with Simple Steps

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You are in the midst of a graphic editing assignment or your favourite e-book and the mouse wheel not scrolling keeps working. Can you guess what pain can be caused by that? Job hindrances, hindered attention, and so forth. There are endless consequences. None of us knows how much we use the scroll wheel on the mouse when performing, so when it stops working, and we need to use our navigation keys, we understand the importance of a functional scroll wheel. Therefore, we address the techniques for Windows and MAC users that can prove helpful if the scroll wheel does not work, to prevent being in such an useless role.


What are the signs of Mouse Scroll Wheel problems?

Usually, as users face trouble with their mouse wheel not scrolling or mouse scroll not working, several of the following signs are encountered.

Mouse Wheel not Scrolling

  • It will restore all the button assigns to their factory settings.
  • Users won’t be able to adjust their targeting device’s button assignments.
  • IntelliPoint Applications, the button assignment commands are inaccessible or dimmed for the user groups.
  • Scrolling differs from application to application, as mentioned in the section above, with some being painfully sluggish, and others surprisingly fast.

Why Mouse Wheel not Scrolling?

Crumbs and fluff from clothes, upholstery, bed linen, etc. are shifted from the fingers to the scroll wheel over time and making their way inside the cursor. The wheel may even become sticky or dirty from polluted fingertips, allowing items to collect quicker, compounding the issue. The slots will block all of this grime, going to interrupt the infra-red beam, So the signal is not a good tidy pulse waveform from the sensor. The effect is non-smooth window scrolling.

How to Fixed a Mouse Wheel that doesn’t scroll:

For all computer systems that mouse wheel not scrolling or scroll wheel not working , like Windows 10 or macOS, the problems below apply. The repair includes the mouse itself in most situations. The instructions will, in other situations, provide steps for each operating system.

Users of Microsoft Windows:

Change settings for mouse wheels:

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1. Mouse scroll wheel not working Change the mouse settings through the Mouse Properties window when you are operating any version of Microsoft Windows and experience problems with the mouse wheel. You will enter this window by opening the Control Panel, pressing Hardware and Music, then clicking the Mouse button.

C:\Users\reddy prasad c\Desktop\Prasad\images\cp-hardware-sound.jpg

2. Please click the Wheel tab in the Mouse Properties pane. Then try to alter the number of mouse scrolling lines or try to shift the mouse to scroll one page at a time. Click Add after this is modified, and then click OK. Verifying this modification helps to fix the difficulties with the mouse.

Mouse properties - Wheel tab

3. You will also want to change the mouse settings by using the programme that came with it if you are using a mouse that is not made by Microsoft. Logitech mice, for instance, also have functionality that helps users to change their mouse settings, apart from Windows. These applications can also be reached by clicking on a mouse icon in Systray.

  • Mouse Drivers Upgrade:

We recommend attempting to update the new mouse drivers if the above recommendations do not help fix the dilemma or if the mouse programme is not installed on your computer. For a list of links to mouse vendors, see the section on input manufacturing.

  • Corrupt Windows files on the device:

Mouse wheel problems in Windows can also be attributed to corrupt system files. A Windows patch is required to replace the corrupted machine files in order to fix this issue. Before running the Windows patch, we recommend that you back up your files to prevent missing any files.

 Users with Non-Microsoft Windows:

If there is an os other than Microsoft Windows on your system, we recommend that you attempt to reinstall the programme that came with the mouse. You should also try downloading the new mouse drivers from the mouse manufacturer’s website for your operating system.

  • Mouse cleaning:

In either side of the mouse wheel not scrolling or mouse wheel not working, there are thin rooms where dust and debris can get into over time, creating difficulties with the scrolling of the wheel. Try cleaning the mouse using compressed air, especially around the rotor. Any of the dust and debris can be dislodged and replaced, increasing the wheel’s motion and functionality.

  • Problems with hardware:

If you ever have difficulties after taking the above procedures, it is possible that the mouse is faulty. We recommend calling the mouse maker for a replacement, whether it is already under warranty, or buying a new mouse, since the maintenance costs are typically higher than a new mouse.

  • Touchpad Check:

Mouse intrusion from something on your laptop hitting the touchpad is another typical issue. This may be anything as easy as dripping water from a nearby cup. You might also try removing the touchpad momentarily just to see if this solves the issue.

  • Connect the mouse again:

Make sure the situation isn’t a transient one before doing something. By disconnecting the mouse from the USB port and trying to plug it back in, you can do this. It restarts the mouse drivers once you plug in a mouse and this alone might fix the problem. You may also want to use another USB port. If you’re using a wireless controller, be sure to connect it to your PC correctly.


We suggest that you get a new mouse if the wheel scroll is still malfunctioning after you’ve followed all our tips. Try using it on your phone, then verify if this system does not have the same problem. Today, if it fits well with the new cursor, then it might be time to uninstall the old one.

We expect you have helped fix your mouse scroll wheel jumping problem with this article. In the comments below, if you think there have been places we need to change, let us know!


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