How to Fix When Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi

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You will not be perfectly willing to use download titles, use versus mode, or use voice chatting if your Nintendo Switch won’t connected to Wi-Fi, but you should still have been able to play certain games. During initialization, the switch could either fail to establish a secure connection, or it can break the link later.


Nintendo Switch Not Wi-Fi Connected:

A new direction in the gaming area was cut by the Nintendo Switch console. The console has two main purposes; the Wii U is a home gaming console and the 3Ds are a handheld. For many gamers, the revolutionary nature makes it a must-buy. There is a great game collection on the Nintendo Switch, and the catchy things about it is that you will play on a TV at home or somewhere else in your hands.

Much as Sony and Microsoft, if you’ve had a paying account, you can play more games online. With other persons, you will play games like ARMS, Mario Kart 8, and Puyo Puyo Tetris online. You could also saves the your game with the internet access, allow voice chat, and download different game titles.

Why Nintendo Switch Failed to access or not to Connect to Wi-Fi:

2110-2003" Error Code Fix for Nintendo Switch -

Troubles with the nintendo switch not connecting to wifi network can be very challenging. It interrupts your playing, prevents you from downloading titles of games or from trying to access other online matches. You will still not be allowed to use voice chat or even continues your games if the internet connection or server is down. During the initial configuration, the switch won’t connect to wifi establish a secure connection, or drop the link later.

It is possible to attribute a failed network to different causes, such as

  • Bad/low Nintendo Switch Web Services
  • Your network Wi-Fi is not turned on.
  • Your router is off the network.
  • Your encryption key is inconsistent with your network.
  • You could even be blocked entry to your network by a firewall.

Causes of Nintendo Switch not connecting to Wi-Fi:

Minor bugs:

When you use your device non-stop for days or weeks, certain bugs can grow. Please ensure you fire it up again from time to time. Only click the Power button for around 3 seconds to do so, pick Power Options, and follow up with Reboot.

Temporary glitches in the network:

Much like your device switch won’t connect to internet, if left running for a longer duration, routers or any other network equipment may developed minor bugs. If you continue to have wifi difficulties on your Nintendo Switch, please ensure to reset your router or modem.

Issues with routers:

Any problems with your router can impact devices that are connected to it. In order to fix potential triggers, you can have to do unique router troubleshooting moves. Any of these problems with routers are described below.

Issues with software:

Your console might have an issue with software that impacts wifi functionality. Try to wipe the computer with a factory reset if the remedies in this post won’t work at all.

Nintendo Switch Console Troubleshooting Wifi Problems:

In order to solve the wifi problem you are facing, you ought to take a series of troubleshooting steps. Learn below what all these procedures are.

Nintendo Switch ERROR CODE won't connect to WiFi / Internet Connection HOW TO FIX! - YouTube

1. Restart The Turn for Nintendo:

A quick restart would clear up troubleshooting on most electronic system. That’s no different from the Nintendo Switch. On your Nintendo Switch, clicking the power button just takes it into sleep mode. Click and hold the power button for a few moments to power the system down entirely. Please press Power Options and then click Restart. The machine would reset after a couple of seconds. After the reset, try connecting to the network. Moving on to the next step, if you’ve had the same issue.

2. Restart your Router and Modem:

How to Follow the 30-30-30 Hard Reset Rule for Routers

If the issue continues after rebooting your Nintendo Switch, this is time to proceed to the next move. Not only does the restarting tip refer to your Nintendo Switch, as well as to your router and modem. On all machines, pull the plug. Try to ensure it’s fully charged when you’re use a portable Mi-fi, then restart it by keeping the start power button for a few moments.

3. Try utilising the band at 5 GHz:

When your modem has double band capabilities, meaning that both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz will relay wifi signals, consider using the latter. Nintendo Switch consoles may run on either band, but try to use 5 GHz to see how it works.  Many wireless connected devices are programmed by default to link to 2.4 GHz, so signals interference in this band may occur. It should do the technique for you to switch your Nintendo to a less crowded 5 GHz band.

4. Change the Channel Router:

How do I change the channel of my router? | D-Link UK

You should still consider using various channels on your modem if your Nintendo Switch also has wifi trouble at the moment. Channels 1, 6, and 11 can be used and you can see which fits best. Try to equate each channel when attached to every one using this your Turn for some time.

5. Re-enter the password for wifi:

The wifi Nintendo Switch accepted encryption protocols for WEP, and WPA2-PSK(AES). When you’re using a secured protocol apart from the one listed on your router, try to change it to one of the approved protocols.

6. Network Forward Connections:

By forwarded ports via your router or modem, you can make sure your Switch can handle all the connectivity it needs. Dependent on the hardware configuration, the particulars of opening and assigned parts of the network to the Switch can vary, but it essentially amounts to login into the router or modem and modifying a couple of numbers.

7. Nintendo’s contact:

Your machine can require maintenance or service if nothing else works. To send a message or request for more information, use the Nintendo online portal.

8. Changing the DNS server.

Try going back to your ISP’s regular DNS server when you’re use a new DNS server on your device. The DNS server is set to automatic by default, so try modifying it manual process to see how that’s going to work.


These troubles can be annoying, whether you can’t get your machine online at all, keep getting an error message, or have disconnect issues when attempting to play a certain game online. We take you through some steps in this post, possibly solving your internet issues with Nintendo Switch and getting you back in service and playing games again.


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