How to enable or disable the touchscreen on a laptop

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How is the keyboard different from the touchscreen?

The touchscreen will disappear on the front of your computer monitor. We need to understand how this touch screen works which means that we can help ourselves in using this touch screen by first knowing how a simple keyboard works first.

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We will explain about such computer keyboards in full detail through our article. But here’s a quick reminder you can notice. In particular, each key on the keyboard has an electrical switch. When you push down a key, current flows through an electric circuit. The current changes according to the key you press.

These touchscreen mobile phones are very suitable for people who have trouble inputting data through small buttons. But there are some issues with phones. Apart from that it will take us a long time to get used to them.

Accuracy and feedback

One disadvantage of the touchscreen mobile phone is the lack of accuracy and feedback. Touch screen mobile phones have a completely flat screen that does not give user feedback when pressed. When tapping the screen, you may or may not press the app or the setting you want.

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You may also experience problems accessing the Internet through the device’s browser, as you may not be able to click the link or object you want.

On-screen keyboard issues

The disadvantage of using devices is the difficulty in entering data, sending text messages and navigating the screen keyboard of the device. All touch screen mobile phones do not have a slide-out keyboard, but devices do have an on-screen keyboard. Using an on-screen keyboard is a challenge for people who cannot use small keys.

Sensitivity issues

These touch screens are very sensitive. So we don’t have to touch that screen completely to complete the task of pressing the links in it that are wrong when we select the items. This can cause you to have trouble choosing processes such as accidentally delete, email or delete a document. However the problem with these touchscreen ones is that the sensitivity settings of this touchscreen mobile phone cannot be adjusted.

Screen size

Another problem with these touch screen mobile phones is the large LCD and the lack of a proper LED display screen. The screen of the device is smaller than the tablet computer, and you are not allowed to view the entire website or document or other file without scrolling down with your finger.

These touch screens vary in size from 3.25 and 3.5 and 5.6 inch diagonal models. We can see that the resolution setting of this screen changes with the number of pixels it can display, as well as with the models. It also has 480 to 320 pixels, 480 to 854 pixels and 480 by 360 pixels.

Accidental dialing

Most phones have a lock feature that requires you to slide the bar on the phone to unlock this touch screen. However, some phones do not have such a feature. Also on some phones this feature is not secure enough. This touch screen does not set the engagement too easily. So it is easy for users to accidentally call contacts. This can happen even when the phone is in your pocket. It’s ridiculous to say “pocket dialing”.

So we see that we need to disable this touch screen as there are similar proms.

Here we have two ways to disable the touch screen in Windows 10.

If your computer has a touch screen, it will be enabled by default. If you feel you do not need such a touch screen feature you can turn it off. This way you can save energy and some extra memory by draining your battery.

Most laptops in recent times have been available with a touch screen display and Windows 10. You think it’s the best in the world by being able to use both the touch screen on a tablet and the keyboard and mouse on a laptop.

Let’s find out why the touch screen should be disabled in Windows 10.

We have some advantages of having a touch-enabled display. However, there are some cases where you need to turn off the touch screen in Windows 10. Some of these scenarios are useful to us as they contain the following.

Even if you have damaged a laptop LCD, suppose this touch screen actually interferes with your work.

You want to extend the battery life of your system through this.

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When you’re on display, disabling the touch screen in Windows 10 is a good idea

Also touching the wrong slide can confuse your presentation.

Ghost Touch and Phantom Touch can cause problems on your computer.

We can raise this touch screen as an invisible finger or we can say ghost touch or phantom touch when it responds as touched by the stylus. It can be caused by software or hardware issues or even a dirty screen.

Here we should know how to disable the touch screen in Windows 10.

Here are two ways to disable and disable the touch screen in Windows 10. Let us learn both here.

Turn off the touch screen with the help of Device admin

To disable this touch screen immediately or temporarily, you can find out here if you can turn off the touch screen device with the help of Device Manager.

  • Open Device Manager as before (Windows Key + X + M)
  • Deploy devices with the help of human interface
  • Right-click on the HID-compliant touch screen that appears there
  • Select the Disable option

If you need to restart this touch screen:

  • To do this, open the Device Manager (Windows Key + X + M)
  • Deploy devices with the help of human interface
  • Right-click on the HID-compliant touch screen that appears there
  • Select the Start option.

However this method only works temporarily, and many people have already complained that the touch screen is restarted when the system is restarted. So if you decide to turn off the touch screen permanently, you can follow this method.

Touch screen can be disabled permanently with the help of Windows Registry.

If you want to permanently disable the touch screen in Windows 10, you must follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Registry Editor as before (Run -> Regit)
  • Go to the following registry key:
  • Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Wisp \ Touch
  • In the right hand pane, create an entry with the new DWORD 32-bit help named Touchgate.
  • Then make sure the entry value is 0.
  • Permanently turn off the touch screen in Windows 10 via the Windows Registry
  • Restart the system.

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This way the touch screen becomes inoperable after rebooting the system. If you want to restart this touch screen, you can do so by changing the touchgate value from 0 to 1 and deleting the touchgate entry.

If you feel that your touch screen is not working when you are using a Microsoft Surface laptop, it is a good idea to follow the Microsoft Guide to help you fix touch screen issues.


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