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My Google Drive is perfectly full. A few of my WhatsApp backups I wanted to downloading to free up some space, but I can’t be doing that. Does anybody here know any way for WhatsApp backups to be downloaded from Google Drive? ” This is still a doubt we have from our clients on a regular basis and we assumed we’d address once and for all. Many people believe that you’ll be allowed to do just that with your WhatsApp backups if you could somehow simply download photos from Google Photos and document from Google Drive. But it is almost extremely impossible to do so, as everyones user found out.

How To Downloading Whatsapp Backup From Google Drive To Devices:

On Google Drive, there has been present no functionality enabling users to read WhatsApp backup or copy WhatsApp data backup to their pcs. But Google has proposed that a feature could be built that will do something in the future. You want a third-party option, as of right now.

Elcomsoft Explorer claims for WhatsApp:

For WhatsApp, Elcomsoft Explorer was the all WhatsApp backup management application that will let you do something more about your WhatsApp backup.

This was few of the features that Elcomsoft Explorer claims for WhatsApp:

  • there are Extract data for all iOS and Android smartphones from a WhatsApp backup.
  • On Android smartphones, it helps both WhatsApp and WhatsApp for companies.
  • This helps you to previewed the knowledge you are extracting.
  • It will remove backups, Google Drive backups, and iCloud backup data from the computer.
  • It has an automated feature to decode and scan for filtering capability.

Below is the how you might extracting and decrypt a WhatsApp backup from Google Drive using Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp:

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  1. At your system, installing Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp and then start the application.
  2. Press the Android icon at the bottom side of the page and choose “Google Drive Download Data” from either the menu.
  3. If you are using two-factor identification, you might be asked to enter a password on your Google account. Enter the ‘2FA’ code in the given package.
  4. The download processing begin as soon as it enters the code. Specifically when you have several computers on the same Google account, the processing can take some time.
  5. You can see a notification that the data is order to encrypt until the download process is finishing. Click on ‘Decrypt’ and the software will automatically decrypt the files. The media connected to your texts will be available to you, however the messages themself will also be encrypted.
  6. You should enter an authentication code from WhatsApp to unlock the encrypted data. To order the code needed, press ‘Send’.
  7. Enter the encryption code that you received on your smartphone and it will decode the messages immediately.

How to Read Google Drive WhatsApp Backup on your PC:

Probably, if you’re using WhatsApp on an Android smartphone, the local system backup or Google Drive should be backed up. However, a lot of times, people choose to reach their Google Drive backup conversations. I would address the million-dollar question in this guidance on how to read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive and will also recommend some alternate methods.

  • While WhatsApp enables us to backups our chatting conversations to Google Drive, the backup is encryption end-to-end.
  • As such, you was not be capable of reading it on your Computer(PC) or some third – parties application, even though you browse the backup on Google Drive.
  • Using WhatsApp on your computer and restore your messages to the same accounts is the only way to use this backup.
  • You can accessing the WhatsApp feature from your Google Drive settings if you need, though.
  • Always go to the your Google Drive account on your device to do this and press the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to accessing its settings.
  • Now, under Google Settings, go over to the ‘Manage Applications’ or ‘Managing Apps’ list, find WhatsApp, and use its choices.

Restore WhatsApp to Android from Google Drive:

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  1. Uninstall and reinstalled WhatsApp on your Android smartphone if you’ve a backup data for WhatsApp on Google Drive.
  2. Have been using the same login details you was using to build the WhatsApp backups on Google Drive to sign in to your WhatsApp.
  3. When the Google Drive backup is found, you would be asked to restoring media files and WhatsApp messages by pressing ‘Restore’ for confirmation.
  4. When this WhatsApp conversation and media restoration is finished, press ‘Next’ and then ‘Continue’. And you are successfully restored data.

How to Finding Backup WhatsApp Conversation on Google Drive:

  • Firstly, when viewing, open Google Drive and login with your Google passwords.
  • If you’re viewing Google Drive from an Android smartphone, tap the ‘Menu’ option in Application mode and press ‘Desktop Edition’.
  • Tap the gears icon in the upper portion of your monitor during the login procedure, and tap ‘Setup’ from the drop-down column.
  • To identify the WhatsApp directory, press ‘Managing Applications’ on the side panel on the ‘Settings’ computer monitor.
  • Here you’ll see the whole list of details that you’ve backed up. By followed the sorted alphabetically of the backup data within this segment, you can finding WhatsApp chat backup quickly.


Through reading this post, you have now learned how to find, reading and remove files on Google Drive. Google Drive can become a wonderful place to stored all your WhatsApp info. You will also like to know how to backup WhatsApp messages from Google Drive and restore them. Here are more options for reading and removing WhatsApp from the backup if you don’t use Google Drive.


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