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How to delete doordash account in Easy Steps

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Delete DoorDash Account – Door Dash is an American logistics industry based on the distribution of food services by Door Dash. Since its launch in 2013, the company has been a good choice for those interested in fast food services. Door Dash is an innovative technology company that connects local customers and local restaurants with possible delivery by independent contractors. This is just the beginning. Engaging your business with Door Dash’s innovative merchant-centric solutions can help you achieve your success faster.

Door Dash is a food order delivery service. Local customers place an order at one of the dozens of restaurants, after which they are allowed to pay the delivery fee and tip. Then after you accept the order, you go to the restaurant, take the order, take the order through your vehicle and deliver it to the customer’s address. Door Dash allows their customers to access an online account, making food services (ordering and delivery) much easier. If for any reason you want to delete your account or subscription on this platform, this paperwork will help you and also show you possible ways on how to delete your Door Dash account. It provides complete details on how to delete a Doordash account on the web, in the app.

How to delete doordash account

If you want to opt out of your Door Dash account, there is a way. After your account is logged out or deleted, you will no longer be logged into your Door Dash account, you will have access to the platform’s registered user properties. However, you may change your plan in no time. Apart from that if you decide to start using Door Dash again, it is also possible to get the account back again. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to cancel or deactivate your membership with the on-demand food delivery company below. To make these procedures more detailed and constructively meaningful, we will explain them through various methods to complete it.

Sending a request for deleting doordash account

To delete an account with Door Dash, you must send a request by mail to the company contact. This happens when you decide you want to deactivate your account.

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If you wish to exit your Door Dash account, you must first visit the Customer Contact Support page and then provide the required information, including your contact details, and then submit your request. Here’s how to submit a request to delete your Door Dash account.

  1. First, you need to go into your web browser‌ and register at official website of doordash account. Why not use Chrome on your desktop browser or your mobile web browser.
  2. Next, after you fill out the contact form for us. In the fields provided, enter your detailed information in the appropriate boxes. After that enter your full name, email and your phone number.
  3. The customer service team will then consider continuing your request to delete the data account you provide, making sure that this information is accurate.
  4. In the Category location, select Account Settings and then select it for the subcategory.
  5. A description text box will appear on the contact page, then you will need to type a request message to exit your Door Dash account.
  6. Finally you will see an orange button with the description ‘Submit’ after the last form box. This way it submits your written request to the door dash
  7. When you delete your account you will receive a reply from a company representative. They may ask for more information from this platform before you deactivate your account. You should reply by providing the information they asked for so that your account can be deleted as soon as possible.

You can delete your doordash account through the cancelling your doordash subscription

Another way we can deactivate your account with Door Dash is to terminate our active membership with the company. If you frequently use the service to deliver your food, you will need to do this process. We can find out through any given method how to cancel our Dashpass membership with Door Dash.

  1. You can open the Durdash app and unsubscribe
  2. Click Manage Dashpass (Mobile) or Dashpass (Web). Here is information about when your Dashpass subscription appears on the screen. It contains information about when it will be renewed and when you sign up, including other details about your Dashpass subscription.
  3. Navigate to where you see the End Subscription and click on it.
  4. Note that after verifying your cancellation, you can no longer bill for Dashpass. And interestingly, you can continue to use Dashpass through the last day of the current billing cycle.

This includes methods of deleting an account from Door Dash. We hope these steps work for you. However, you can reach out to Doordarshan customer service for further assistance.


Door Dash is currently the leading delivery service in the United States of America. The company operates an on-demand prepared food delivery service, which was established seven years ago in 2013. Door Dash uses logistics services to deliver food from restaurants on demand and has an extensive network on all sides for them. Currently, the food delivery company operates in over 4,000 cities and has branches in the USA, Canada and Australia.

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