How to delete bookmarks on chrome in Easy Steps

delete bookmarks

Delete Bookmarks on Chrome – Generally we using by the bookmarks only fast way to view our favorite website and application. Especially without having to go through the process of typing the bookmark URL address every time .But after a few days people forget to remove the useless bookmarks. However, these bookmarks can block the website we are looking for, and Google Chrome can become very confusing. In Google Chrome we will learn how to remove bookmarks very easily. Let’s learn how to remove bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Why we Delete Bookmarks on our Chrome browser?

Chrome bookmarks are easy to create, either intentionally or unintentionally. You may unknowingly bookmark a page when you need to type a new URL, open a new tab, or try to communicate with one of your plugins. When that happens, we can avoid this mess by removing the bookmark to clear the mess immediately.

Another reason to delete bookmarks is that bookmarks accumulate over time and we’ll be confusing the old bookmarks that you no longer need. When you are ready for a fresh start, it is a good idea to remove all of our bookmarks.

Remove the bookmark from chrome by visiting the page in Chrome

When we look at the page where the bookmark is used, we notice that the star in the top right corner of the page changes from an outline to a blue star like the one in the URL address line. It’s like the index on the page we bookmarked. Chrome Sync Reset will store and delete synced data stored on Google servers. These bookmarks are intentionally signed in by the browser on the devices we use with our Google Account. This policy protects locally stored browsing data such as cookies, bookmarks and passwords from being deleted.

Fallow the below three steps to deleting book marks

1. Step:-Launch Google Chrome and select the bookmark at the top of the browser.

2. Step: – Click the blue star in the top right corner of Google Chrome. It is located to the right of your URL address bar.

3. Step:-In the menu that appears, we can delete the bookmarks by clicking Remove

You can remove bookmarks by removing that bookmarks from our list in Google Chrome

Generally everyone puts their bookmarks on top of Google Chrome. We all like the browser that looks cautious, and we use it the most. If we are using such a browser then those bookmarks can be grouped together so that we can delete our bookmarks in the menu “Customize and control bookmarks”.

What we need to do

1. Step: – Here is first click on Customize and Control Google Chrome in the top right corner of Google Chrome; it has three vertical dots.

2. Step: – In the drop-down menu below, go to Bookmarks and hover your mouse cursor over it.

3. Step: – in the submenu, right-click on the bookmark we want to delete. In the drop-down menu below, click Delete.

Mass Deleting Bookmarks in Google Chrome

When we need to delete bookmarks one by one, we can delete bookmarks heavily by using Bookmarks, Google Chrome’s Bookmark Manager. All at once you can delete bookmarks very heavily without such suspicion. However, we must decide not to delete the bookmarks we want to keep.

Step 1: – Customize and control Google Chrome with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the window in Google Chrome.

Step 2. In the drop-down menu below, place our computer’s mouse cursor over the bookmarks. In the submenu that appears shortly afterwards, click Bookmark Manager. A new browser tab will be open and then you will be redirected the content.

Step 3. On the left side there is a list of folders. By use Clicking on any folder to you can see the contents inside, especially the bookmarks. When all the bookmarks are ready to be purged, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4:- now you click the Right click on the folder and now then click Delete option in the drop down menu.


Unfortunately, Google’s ownership could not stop the browser with a simple, one – stop solution. So when we uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall Chrome, the bookmarks are automatically removed. Another common mistake is to assume that our bookmarks will be temporarily lost by signing out of our Google Account. The truth is, none of the options in it will solve that privacy issue. At the very least, I have found a long way to go to resolve our own security issues.

Frequently asked question

1. How do we remove items from bookmark bar?

Step1.switch on your computer and open the your browser

Step2. At the top of browser you can see bookmark bar on the browser.

Step3.right click on bookmark bar and select the delete option.

2. How can I delete mobile bookmarks?

1. Open your phone, go to home Settings than General settings then click on Application manager > All.

2. Now find and tap com. as your android Providers.

3. On the App info screen on your phone, you can tap Turn off.

4. Now you can restart your phone and the Mobile bookmark folder should be gone by now from your phone browser.

3. How can we hide the Bookmarks tab in Chrome?

1. you can Press Ctrl+Shift+B keys together to hide bookmarks bar quickly.

2. Click on 3dots menu and select/deselect “Bookmarks on chrome -> Show bookmarks bar” option.

3. Open Chrome Settings page on your device and turn on/off “Show bookmarks bar” option under Appearance section.

4. Now we can click Right-click on Bookmarks bar and uncheck “Show bookmarks bar” option.


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