How to Connect Wireless Headphones to XBOX One

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At the moment, Xbox is among the most used formats for games. It might not be a straight ahead job to attach your connect Wireless headphones to  Xbox One, but it can be a simple one. But most users do have one concern, the lack of Wireless bluetooth connectivity, that isn’t being fixed for years. When you’re a new Xbox gamer that purchased a bluetooth adapter headphones unknowingly, this can be extra annoying just to find out it’s not working with your device. You would think that this is a waste of money! In comparison, you’d be struggling with wired headphones. As well as every time you disentangle irritating cables, you might be notified of this problem. The great news is, optimism still remains! We’ll show you all the ways how to connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one in this post.

If you have Bluetooth on your Xbox One:

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on Microsoft's Xbox One?

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to XBOX One

There are no Bluetooth connectivity features on the Xbox One. Of course, given the fact that it was published in 2013, this is going to be a little interesting. Wireless infrastructure was being used through various devices also at the time. The accessibility of the Xbox is not outdated, as some people may believe. Microsoft just wanted to go for wireless technologies on its own. Xbox Wireless, as Microsoft has called it, is the app that how to connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one controller. The hardware used to connect the Xbox One controllers to the device is Xbox Wireless. For headsets, this same relation may be used.

However, with Xbox Wireless, only a couple of headphones are fitted. Bluetooth is used for the majority of wireless headphones. It’s safer to use them explicitly if you still have headphones that are compatible with Xbox Wireless.

They have a broader spectrum of choices for sound with far less delay. Here are several wireless headphones that will work with the Xbox One directly:

  •  LucidSound LS15X
  • LucidSound LS35X
  •  Turtle Beach Stealth 700
  •  Razer Thresher
  •  Turtle Beach Stealth 600

There are clearly not enough compatible headphones, because most of the headphones over are Bluetooth-enabled. So, connect Wireless headphones to  Xbox One when you have headsets with Bluetooth, here’s your process guide to allow you to communicate to your Xbox One.

How to Connect Xbox One Headphones with Bluetooth?

With Xbox Wireless becoming that exclusive technology, it can be a little perplexing for first-time people to access devices under such a unfamiliar protocol. We mapped out the instructions on how can you connect Wireless headphones to  Xbox One in order to make it a breeze for you.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A PS5 - GameSpot

  1. Switch to ‘pairing mode’ with your headsets. Normally, this means keeping the power switch down till the LED light is on.
  2. Turn the device on by clicking the power button on the device.
  3. Identify the Pairing Button on your console, however.
  4. Enable paired until the Light source light blinks by clicking the Pairing Button on your consoler. This means preparation.
  5. Go back to the headphones of your wireless system and check for the attach button. To start blinking quickly, press and holding this button and waiting for the LED. This indicates that the system is prepared for pairing.
  6. Enable the LED lights on both devices to settle for a few moments. The console would then flash a message with “Headset Assigned”. And you’ll note a sound from the headphones. If the instruments were correctly connected, the audio of the game would appear to be heard.

An simple job is linking compatible systems. But for non-compatible headphones, it needs to take a whole new method to create a wireless link through BT. The following guidance makes going around the steps convenient for you.

Xbox One Without Audio Jack Controller:

connect wireless headphones to xbox one

Since most Wireless communication systems link via audio output jacks, connecting to older controllers becomes troublesome. There’s positive news, though. Until connecting the Wireless transmitter, you could use a connector for your controller. This, I realise, looks cumbersome already, but I assure you it’s valuable it. Originally, the converter for this reason was made for use with wired stereo headsets. It attaches to your Xbox One console’s proprietary port. There was a 3.5mm output port at the back of the connector that you’ll attach to your transmitter.

There are a few buttons on the connector: a mute button right in the centre and sound adjustments to the right. There have been buttons on the left hand side to choose which feedback you would like to hear, either the in-game chat or the audio from the game. Attach the Bluetooth Adapter to the audio port by attaching this connection via the proprietary port. Go forward and pair the transmitter with your Wireless headphones once this connection is protected. You should be conscious that headphones perform better than earbuds for this form of connection. Accessing to wireless earbuds does not provide steady performance for any reason.

How can I set up an Xbox One gaming headset?

If the game headset is wired or wireless depending on that. If it was a wired headphone, there’s an easy connection. For true wireless headsets, for a quick link, you want to have the Xbox Wireless functionality. To achieve a link, use a connector transmitter if your playing headphones use Bluetooth only.

Does the Xbox One fit for Apple headphones?

With the Xbox One, Apples earbuds will work. You can, however, encounter a certain uncertainty in the relation. This promises no hitch-free pairing.

Bluetooth transmitter Uberwith:

Uberwith Bluetooth Transmitter allows the BT headsets to be connected via the control system to the Xbox. But otherwise, it has a built-in, omnidirectional party talk microphones as well. This fixes the recurrent problem of not being able to communicate by using non-compatible Xbox headphones for your teammates.


It might not be a straight ahead job to attach your connect Wireless headphones to  Xbox One, but it can is simple one. Certainly, you are able to get the relation you need by taking the steps above.


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