How to Connect the Nintendo Switch to Your Laptop in 7 Simple Steps

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So if you’re a Nintendo Games lover and enjoy playing them on large screens, but on smart Television screens and displays that are not compact, you are bound to be using them. Many games are often played on a large screen, and this functionality is not available in some areas. As we discover how to connect nintendo switch to laptop and used this as a video monitor, this post is really going to solve this issue for you. We will address in depth the appropriate equipment, and I will direct you with six easy steps on how to attach to the laptop switch. We can also address alternate plans to use if this approach will not be used by you.

What is Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is a game console first released by a Japanese corporation ‘Nintendo’ on March 3, 2017, and has also been part of the gaming world since 1889 when it designed made by hand gaming chips for Hanafuda. Like their famous release, The Flip, this company has an old and valuable reputation on the market. The Switch is the famous game console that is often considered a proper home gaming system because it provides a broad experience of the display device powered through your own home Monitor. On the built-in small monitor, users who are typical of a wide screen find it hard to play. But with our subject today, at any location where you would take your laptop with you, you can also have a compact but wide monitor Nintendo Switch experiences.

How will the switch be connected to a laptop? Simple Suggestions:

Using the desktop computer as a Television screen involves adding the how to connect switch to laptop So, when playing it on the screen, you should leave the turn in the dock. You can now begin your work to establish the switch by ensuring the requirements.

connect nintendo switch to laptop


  1. First, unplug the Nintendo Switch HDMI cable from your Monitor. Since the mechanism is responsive to electricity, you should think about the power source. So, the laptop and transfer dock can be plugged into a power supply.
  2. Now, insert the switch’s HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the capturing card.
  3. Open the laptop’s game capture application.
  4. Switch on the key Nintendo now. By pressing the home button on the attached remote, you can also do it.
  5. Then, consider taking the USB cord for the capture cards and attach that to the card and the laptop. Wait a few moments and you’ll see the monitor turn to the Game Capture HD app laptop computer.
  6. If you’ve any issues connecting the switch to the HD Capturing Card, confirm that the HDMI cable is attached to the Capture Card port.
  7. You should press the Full Screen button in the upper right hand corner of Game Capture HD to display the fullscreen mode.

Do you have to connect the switch to your laptop?

A laptop is not meant for this specific purpose, but it could be used for it, although we will want some items to make this method work. Below, I’m going to list all the stuff you want to connect nintendo switch to laptop and use it as a monitor screen.

  • The Nintendo Dock:

In order to enjoy a large monitor, Nintendo Dock is being used to connect the Switching to a smart TV, and the procedure here will be very close to a TV link, which ensures that your Nintendo Switch will stay in the Dock all the time period. If you purchase officially from either the corporation or an official vendor, you can get a Dock with your Nintendo Switch. And you can always buy an original Nintendo Dock available on the internet if you don’t have one.

  • Video Capturing Card:

For this reason, you may need a video capture card that is commonly used for streamed on several platforms by players. You can choose whatever available video capturing card or use one of the famous options, the top-selling, inexpensive and secure video capture card mostly on marketplace, the Elgato Video capture cards. All you have to do is make sure that someone you purchase has both the HDMI port in and the HDMI port out.

  • HDMI Cable:

When you had an HDMI cable to transfer both audio and videos with your laptop, it will help. A high-quality HDMI cable that could be used for some other purposes also comes with the Switch. So you’re going to have to purchase a new one whether you haven’t got it or misplaced it.

  • Video Capturing Software:

That several free and paid online applications are accessible, and you can use all of them. Elgato’s free video recording app is one of the common suggestions. For this particular reason, you should focus entirely on the free edition, since it enables high-quality 720p and 1080p streaming. And to use the official Elgato video recording card and application would avoid any kind of latency in the show.

Will you turn to a laptop as a screen?

Yes, as a display for the turn, you should use a laptop. I have already covered the information. Cable networks are the most secure and efficient way to do this. Its external interfaces can probably depend on the laptop’s model.

How do I switching to HDMI for my laptop?

Using an HDMI connection or a VGA connection, you can even use the laptop as a console. If there is just an HDMI jack in the system unit and the laptop is fitted with a VGA input, then you would require a special connector for the collaborative action.


If you are willing to consider this and plan on playing a lot of the Switch games on a larger screen at your house. Then you certainly need to go and connected your Nintendo Switch to your laptop. Be sure to spend in a Game Capture Card of decent quality. The rest of the steps are reasonably fast, follow the guidance, and that in no moment you will be lucky enough to experience it all!


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