How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger

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Some where else stuck? Are not even you bringing your charger? Mobile phone going to die? In your life, have you started to feel more helpless sand how to charge your phone without a charger? Don’t worry, here are some more truly amazing thoughts that will change your life when you’re about to discover that without the charger, you can charge your mobile phone!

Without a battery charger, mobile phones can be charge your phone without a charger several other multiple ways. You can go out and purchase a new battery in your pocket or bag, or you can go risky and tie up a low-voltage converter to the battery with alligator clamps and risk startling yourselves. Then you should do two logical things once more: use a USB wired connection and your device to charge your mobile phone, or buy a removable charger from Cellboost to getting some additional boost out of your battery.

charge your phone without a charger:

1. Charge your smartphone using a USB port:


how to charge your phone without a charger You would need an usb cable that is compatible with your phone for this operation. Some restaurants and most USB ports used in airports have enough power to charge a regular smartphones. Bear in mind that USB ports are integrated into lamps and bedside tables in some hotels. Typically, they are most of the USB-A shape that is the rectangular end of the cord that you normally use to charge your phone. Connect in the charging wire’s USB end to the USB port. The other end is wired into your phone.

2. With a Power Pack Charge Your smartphone:

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To use this process, you’ll might want to do some advance preparation. Both current battery packs can provide enough power to charge your mobile, but not all of them, even though your handset does, can enable rapid charging. Charging your power pack in advanced and when you don’t have connection to your usual phone charger or just bring it with you at all times, try to do the same for you. It can be somewhat different with each battery pack, but normally all you want to do is connect the charging cord into it and towards your smartphone and turn it on.

3. Get a backpack with a battery that is combined

When you are able to carry a backpack that has one built in, why maintain a specific battery? Integrated battery bags are a convenient way to still have a battery at your side, particularly if you want more all of the storage that comes with such a bag.

4. Hand-Crank Chargers for Phone Charges in Emergencies:

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The benefit of a hand-crank charger is that it needs no electrical power at all, making it a perfect outdoor experience or emergency option. Plug in the adapter and into your smartphone with your charging cord, and keep rolling until you collect a functional charge. Bear in mind that an available fee can take some time before you’re. Some hand-crank versions have battery cells built in, so you can charge your battery and then charging your phone with the battery.

5. Charged by Using a solar energy:

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A solar charger is a little strange, like a hand – cranked, but what other option helps you to charge your mobile phones with clean, irresistible light from the sun? Solar chargers, since they are not highly powerful, are not super common. It will take a whole day under the sun to have your Phone charged for a few hours. But if you’re outside in a sunny location (maybe on vacation), a solar charger might have been a simple and secure reason to maintain your phone charged. Including this one from Hiluckey, just stretch out the batteries and to let the sunlight do its work, topping off your smartphone or recharging batteries that is built into the solar cells.

6. With a Car Adapter Charging Your Phone:

There are USB ports in most new cars that you can use to charge smart phones. If not, a connector that plugs into the lighter port may be bought. Start or turn your car on to accessories mode. Plug one ends of the charging cord into the Usb cable or connector of your car as well as the other end into the mobile device.

7 Using wind to charge your mobile:

The third approach incorporates a mobile fan which encourages you to be using wind energy to power the battery. Simply put it in an iFan carrying case on the handlebars of every bicycles to charge your mobile and travel for six hours. You would have produced enough electric power after six hours to have your phone completely charged. Right now, the iFan is only readily accessible for iPhones, but it is worthy of note, considering the originality of the idea and how environment conscious it is.

8. Utilizing your body temperature to recharge your mobile:

Your sleep can also be used to recharge your smartphone. Let it be next to you rather than of leaving your cell plugged in all night lonely. Experimenters from Vodafone also built PocketPower. It is a combination of denim shorts that will recharge your mobile enough to make 24 minutes of calls in 8 hours.


When it happens to charge your phone without a charger it comes with, these techniques are surprisingly effective. A power bank will be your best choice if you find yourselves in an emergency, such as a blackout or some other case, as it supplies more electricity and extra features.


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