How to change your name on Facebook

Facebook sets certain standards for social networks. Facebook is one of the most important websites on earth with millions of active users. It offers different features for all types of users.

We can create a Facebook profile for personal use and also use Facebook to connect with our friends and family. We can create a Facebook page through Facebook, to help business and celebrities stay connected to a large number of fans, to be constantly available to them as well as to share.

In order to manage such a large amount of activity, Facebook has also made available a number of options and settings that will help you manage your account. But these settings can get a little more. Many users are asking this question about how to change the name on Facebook in case of any error or block on Facebook.

This process can be a bit difficult as there are some conditions here. So here are the full details on how to change the name on Facebook. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to easily change your name on Facebook. You can change our name on Facebook by following the steps below to change your profile or page name on Facebook.


How to change the name on Facebook for profile.

Method 1: – This is a simple way to change the name.

If this is your first time changing your name on Facebook, it’s straightforward. Follow the steps given here.

Method 2: – Change the name on Facebook before the 60 day limit.

If you cross certain limits to change your name on Facebook or want to change your name again 60 days before the previous change, it may even be a little difficult for you.

If you have already changed your name in the last 60 days you cannot change it now. You can still learn here.

One reason for this is that Facebook is not allowed to change its name again and again. So, you can follow our guide on how to change Facebook name only 60 days before or after exceeding the limit on your profile.

Method 3: – Change your name on Facebook after crossing limit.

Facebook allows you to change your profile name many times, but abusing these features may require Facebook to apply some restrictions.

Many Facebook users create a fake account, and then as reports grow, they prefer to change the name and then turn their Facebook profile into a page. To reduce Facebook spam for any reason, Facebook has previously outlined the security of the 60-day limit.

Another big problem here is where there are some opportunities to change the name. Allows you to change your Facebook profile name only a maximum of 5.6 times. If you try to change it too many times, the change name feature will be blocked. So you can notice this.

Even if you are not spamming or for some other reason you have exceeded the change name limit. However if you want to change the name you can change your name on your Facebook by requesting Facebook by providing the correct information in the official form.

You have already changed your name many times. But you are not allowed to change your name anymore.


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