How to change the background color on instagram story

change the background color on instagram story how to change the background color on instagram story

how to change the background color on instagram story – This is one of the best ways to change background color on instagram story with photo look great on social media. These colors will help you to have interesting things to keep your insta articles stunning and impress them. So you can take your stories to the next level.

If you’ve ever looked at one another’s Instagram articles and wondered how they are doing so wonderfully in any way, don’t be surprised anymore. Here we are going to introduce you to some easy tips and hacks on how you can change your insta article.

how to change the background color on instagram story

When you want to see other insta articles for inspiration, if you want your articles to be anonymous, you do not feel like removing them, you need to look at these ways to see insta articles without anyone knowing.

Change the background color on instagram story.

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This tip is the first because it is so much easier. At first it will be a lot for you to process, but after you turn them off, you can immediately find some amazing ways here if they want to edit your insta article.

Still want to change background color on instagram story with picture? Instagram picks a random color from the image to create a shadow of the background and the same color works. Both the image and the background can bleed together, making the screen look a bit ugly and sometimes the exact background color is not visible in the image.

The background color depends on what kind of post you are adding to your story. But all you have to do is open the scribble menu or find the drawing menu or marker menu that you like to call.

If you want to add a tagged story post to your story, Instagram usually has a background for you. It is generated automatically. If you do not like it, open the Scribble menu and select the small dropper icon in the lower left. With it, you can tap any part of the image and change the background color to the pixel you choose.

If you like the background to be a color that is not in the image, first select the marker tool, then select the color you want your background to be from the menu at the bottom. Hold the background for a few seconds, with the marker on the color you selected. It’s a little witty. So if you can’t get it right away you should keep trying as well. If you do the same, the background can be changed to the color of the marker.

You can use the marker press trick with the Create tool. You must first add a text with the button Aa, then it must be the same. The marker press trick also has another fun use, but it also seemed different enough to make it a special tip. Keep reading our article to know more about it.

Customize your Instagram fonts

how to change the background color on instagram story

Changing colors in backgrounds is not the only thing. You can change any text you insert in the insta story to any color you want. With a little work, you can have multiple colors in your text boxes, but later.

Inequality here means, you know that this is just an option. So when you select the Aa tool, the visible keyboard will also have rows of colors at the top. Tap any one of them and the ones you typed will change to that color.

What you may not know about this color selection is that there are a few other default colors as well. The rest can be obtained by swiping right along with the colors to reveal some more.

If you already know this, here’s one thing you may not know. You can also customize your default colors. If you hold down one of the color picks, a color bar appears with each color in the visible spectrum. You can always choose the exact text color you want.

Now when you bring up the color bar, you can see the dropper icon, using it and tapping on the image you can change the text as well as the color of the pixel you choose, just like your background.

Create a Custom Border Using the Marker Press Trick on your Instagram stories

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When you upload an image from your camera roll, you can also place a border on your camera. So in this case if you try the marker press trick, due to some issues, it can cover the whole post in all of that color and image.

You do not have to worry about that. In this case, do not try to change the background until the marker’s press covers your entire screen in that cover. What that means is you can dig that image out using an eraser tool. If you do not know how to upload photos from your camera roll to your insta story, you can get it through our guide.

You have to care when you try around the border of your image and carefully erase it. You can take the opportunity to avoid it and add a little extra skill to your story post, as well as use the eraser tool to create a custom shaped border. This is also a great way to highlight specific parts of a photo or blur something in a corner that you do not like.

From the above you understand how to change the background color on instagram story in simple and easy, If so then please share your valuable thoughts.

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