Quickly Fix Arrow Keys Not Working in Excel on Windows 10

There are various ways of scrolling through a worksheet. Arrow keys, scroll bars, or the mouse can be used to move among cells and move frequently in different worksheet places. In Excel, you can take advantage of improved scroll rates, quick end-of-range trying to scroll, and screen guides to let you know where the spreadsheet is located.

When the scroll lock arrow keys not working in excel, pressing an arrow key causes Microsoft Excel to moving the entire spreadsheet towards the next cells rather than the next cell. Although helpful for a consumer viewing a wide worksheet, for those who have wrongly allowed this functionality, it is also very irritating. Guidelines for turning the scroll lock function off are provided in the following sections.

What is the Lock Scroll?

Usually, in whichever direction you want, the arrow keys will pass you one cell at a time. However, the spreadsheet is “scrolled” instead when Scroll Lock is allowed. The up and down arrows key scroll up and down one row, and the right and left arrow keys scroll to the right and left of one column. The cell that is alive never shifts.

Using the keyboard key to turn off the scroll lock:

Click the Scroll Lock key on a Windows device excel arrow keys not working to turn the scroll lock on and off. It’s found in the control key area of the keyboard on certain keyboards, above the arrow keys just to the right of the function controls. Click the F14 or Shift+F14 key combined on a Mac device to turn the scroll lock on and off. Try pressing Command+F14 if doesn’t turn off the scroll lock.

Turning off the scroll lock without clicking the keyboard:

Arrows not working in excel From the list below, pick the operating system on your device and follow the directions.

From Users with Windows 10:

  1. Click a Windows key in left bottom corner.
  2. Type and click Enter on the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Press the button the ScrLk button on the right side of the on-monitor keyboard as the on-screen keyboard opens.

How to Use the On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 7, 8, and 10

  1. Repeat the above procedure to activate the Scroll Lock again.

From Windows 10 Users:

  1. Using the Start Screen to navigate.
  2. Type and click Enter on the on-screen keyboard.
  3. A full keyboard must display for you to see. Select General when you see a short bar with a couple of buttons.
  4. Press the ScrLk button on the right side of an on display as the on-screen keyboard did appear.
  5. Repeat the previous procedure to activate the Scroll Lock again.

Users of Windows XP, Vista and 7

  1. In your desktop’s bttom-left corner, press Start.
  2. In the window that opens, find the search bar.
  3. Type and click Enter on the on-screen keyboard.
  4. Press the ScrLk or Slk key as the on-screen keyboard comes up.
  5. Repeat the previous procedure to enable the Scroll Lock again.

Really, Scroll Lock on?

Make sure the excel arrow keys scroll is really allowed first. You will do this by interacting with the status bar, the name of the Excel window’s lower end, which shows different details about the currently worksheet’s condition.

Rows And Columns Unfreeze:

  • Another workaround you ought to do to stop this problem with arrow keys is to unfreeze the column and rows present in the current view.
  • If the whole cells you choose to deal with fall under a group of locked columns or rows, so your arrow would probably not work in excel arrow keys at that point.
  • In that case, if the thought of opening those locked columns and rows is not OK, then zoom in on your Excel board. This will allow you to see parts of the locked excel sheet. So, now you could use the arrow keys in unlocking areas with ease.

Deactivate Add-Ins:

Arrow key not working in excel Although Excel add-ins are very useful for Excel, they can trigger conflicts often. So you need to locate the competing add-in to fix the dilemma that the arrow key does not function in Excel. If you have the add-in, simply disable it and test whether or not the arrow keys are operating. Ok, the add-in in Excel is very easy to deactivate, so if you don’t know how to do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Get your Excel started.
  2. Press the “File” menu and pick “Options” from the left-hand sidebar.

disable add in in excel 1

  1. To see the configuration of Excel add-ins, press the add-ins on the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Should choose Excel Add-In from the drop-down menu and click the Go options.

disable add in in excel 2

  1. Pick all the add-ins and push the OK button.
  2. Repeating the same measures in the dropdown menu with all of the options available. To deactivate all of your Excel add-ins.

disable excel add-ins

  1. Trigger it one by one and test whether the arrow keys are operating or not.


Don’t be afraid….! You can solve this dilemma quickly. Only follow this blog’s mentioned approach to repair arrow keys that are not running in Excel. If you have any questions comment below section.


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