free edu email

How to Create a Free Edu Email Account in 2021?

If you’re a student from a US-based University, College, or any other educational institution, then you might already have an edu email. This is a special type of email account that is given only to US students and…

merge layers in photoshop

How to merge layers in photo shop

In Photoshop image editing Creating layers is an important part. This gives you the opportunity to separate different parts of your canvas (such as text or shapes). However, you may occasionally need to merge layers while you are…

Image result for How to fix the wheel on my mouse if it's not working

How to Fix Mouse Wheel not Scrolling in 2021 with Simple Steps

You are in the midst of a graphic editing assignment or your favourite e-book and the mouse wheel not scrolling keeps working. Can you guess what pain can be caused by that? Job hindrances, hindered attention, and so…

How to delete google photos

How to Delete Google Photos in Easy Steps

Google Photos provides you with a fantastic service to back up your pictures seamlessly and maintain them in the cloud. At what amount, however? Your secrecy. Google will search your photos, recognise your face and monitor your location….

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How to Add Audio to Google Slides in 5 Simple Steps

ADD AUDIO TO GOOGLE SLIDES: How To Add Music To Google Slides You can link or add audio to Google Slides now that you’ve captured your audio using one of the resources mentioned above. Two factors have to…

Image result for how to download whatsapp backup from google drive to pc


My Google Drive is perfectly full. A few of my WhatsApp backups I wanted to downloading to free up some space, but I can’t be doing that. Does anybody here know any way for WhatsApp backups to be downloaded…

How to Charge Your Phone Faster - Techlicious

How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger

Some where else stuck? Are not even you bringing your charger? Mobile phone going to die? In your life, have you started to feel more helpless sand how to charge your phone without a charger? Don’t worry, here…

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One | Mobile Fun Blog

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to XBOX One

At the moment, Xbox is among the most used formats for games. It might not be a straight ahead job to attach your connect Wireless headphones to  Xbox One, but it can be a simple one. But most…

Nintendo hits the right buttons for gamers in coronavirus crisis - Nikkei Asia

How to Connect the Nintendo Switch to Your Laptop in 7 Simple Steps

So if you’re a Nintendo Games lover and enjoy playing them on large screens, but on smart Television screens and displays that are not compact, you are bound to be using them. Many games are often played on…