9 Best Vertical Monitors to Increase Your Productivity

Vertical Monitors

In the present, most desktop computers used in offices and homes are paired with a horizontal display. Most people don’t know that a vertical configuration of monitors is possible.

Vertical displays are visually appealing than horizontal displays because they differ from what you typically see. Let’s examine the situations where a vertical display is perfect and the reason the reasons why you might want to keep the horizontal display over using a vertical display.

What are vertical monitors and why are they becoming popular?

A quick internet search or a quick search on the internet for a monitor that is vertical could bring up a number of photos of horizontal displays. So be careful when looking for a vertical display. This is because virtually every display are able to be turned horizontally or vertically. This is dependent on your personal preferences. Since the majority of people use monitors horizontally, that’s how they are set up at the time of unpacking.

In the event that your display can be described as VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association) conforming, you are able to use the mount to put it vertically, instead of horizontally. In the beginning, various manufacturers launched vertical monitors due to changing tastes regarding aspect ratios. Videos and movies required larger screens and consequently aspect ratios went from 4:3 to 16:9, 16:10 and more. Vertical monitors are also beneficial to eyesight. It allows you to focus on a particular screen and its contents.

Long lines of text without having to move your eyes can be beneficial for writers as well as readers. In addition, programmers can look through longer code without having to scroll. Because of this characteristic it is straightforward to spot any flaws in any part of the code.

It could also dramatically boost the level of your efficiency. When you combine the benefits of vertical displays and high-speed internet connectivity, you could boost your productivity by 10 times as much as those who use horizontal displays.

What do vertical monitors are used to do?

A vertical monitor is horizontal monitors that have been turned vertically. What is the purpose? If you are using vertical displays who will benefit most?

Many programmers and coders are among the people who opt for a vertical view for their screens as a rule. Most of the time, the code they are working with is extensive and comprises of tiny lines. These lines of code are typically not very large, and vertical layouts are ideal for all programmers. The ability to view more lines at once allows readers to not be forced to move back and forth between the book or novel they’re studying.

What are the advantages of a vertical monitor instead of a horizontal one?

There are many strong arguments to support using a vertical screen. It is possible to combine it with a horizontal monitor to create a multi-screen arrangement, if your existing horizontal screen.

Let’s go at some of the reasons to explain why it is better to choose an alternative that is vertical over a horizontal.

Productivity Enhancement

The process of scrolling through pages can be tiring for those whose jobs require the use of a lot of programming. There is a significant decrease in time spent scrolling if more content is displayed in the same place as what’s displayed on a horizontal screen.

Being able to observe more functions can lead to improved fluidity because of greater visibility. Vertical displays let you look at three times the amount of material as you did before. This lets you respond quicker. This is applicable to any position in which writing or reading long-form materials are required.

  • CoderIf you’re an expert in programming, you are able to examine a huge number of lines of code in one screen. This also lets them examine and make the necessary adjustments and corrections for any code-related error.
  • Streamer as an online streamer, you can be chatting while you read long comments at the same time. You can also join discussions to track messages before they disappear.
  • Video Editor The tool lets you quickly edit your portrait videos for social media posts and vertical advertising campaigns using this tool.


If your eyes don’t wear out You can be able to work for longer periods of time. If the screen is horizontal the eye’s movement is greatly decreased, which means you can look at more information in a shorter amount of time. If operations are performed vertically, they can be completed quicker.

But, it could be used for a handful of jobs that require a lot of reading, like reading the codes of a computer, proofreading texts and documents, or writing lengthy academic papers.


Think about the difficulty of setting two widescreen monitors on a small workstation. Each of them would take up an enormous portion of the desk’s surface space. In this situation vertical monitors are the best option. It allows for more space on an office desk over a horizontal one.

You might consider adjusting the display to be horizontal and a vertical one at the same time on the same workstation. A display in portrait mode can take up just half the horizontal area of a traditional monitor, which allows you to free up a substantial quantity of space on your desk.

The eye is relaxed on the neck, wrist, and eyes

The vertical arrangement of objects pile from the top the bottom causes your neck to naturally turn vertical to scan the items which eases the stress upon your neck. Signboards, books, texts as well as arrival/departure signs in airports and railway stations are placed correctly to ease the strain on your neck.

When you read horizontally, your eyes are forced to move from left to right on a regular basis. In turn, the larger you can see, more the area your eyes will have to travel.

Let’s take a take a look at the top vertical monitors that will increase your productivity. They are able to be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

HP 24mh FHD Monitor

With an ultimate resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and 75 Hz refresh rate The HP Monitor comes with an FHD display. IPS technology offers amazing visuals and superior quality. Because of this superior quality that displays, you’ll be able to enjoy the high-quality image and broad viewing range of top tablets and mobile devices displayed on your screen.

With this stylish and slim design You’ll have more space for your desk than you could ever imagine. Every detail that’s on the screen is clearly visible from every angle. It also has a consistent image and color quality with a wide viewing angle that spans 178deg horizontal and vertical angles of view.

You can enjoy the top-quality image without needing any additional dongles or accessories. The monitor comes with a broad range of connectors, which include HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA. It can easily connect to your game console, computer as well as peripherals to enjoy large-screen entertainment. With two speakers built-in to 2W allow you to enjoy incredible sound and an full-bodied entertainment experience. A lower blue light option eases eye strain by changing colors to more warm hues and makes whites appear more natural.

Samsung FT45 Series

Samsung FT45 has a fully adjustable stand that can tilt and swivel as well as height as well as pivot adjustments. It is the ideal ergonomic experience, and 100 x 100 Vesa support lets you mount the display on a wall or in a multi-monitor configuration. Its 24” 1080 x 1920 Pixels FHD resolution IPS panel with 75Hz refresh rate provides stunning, crisp images and an extensive viewing angle.

The variety of connectivity options, such as HDMI or Display Port with the built-in USB hub that has 2 USB 2.0 ports as well as a USB 3.0 port This makes it a multi-functional device.

Connectivity is now available to all your peripherals, without having to go behind your desk or under your computer to locate the ports inside your CPU. You can decrease eye strain by using eye Saver Mode or Flicker Free Technology. This provides a more relaxing working environment, even during lengthy hours of work.

Asus VG248QG

The Asus VG248QG has the full HD resolution (1920 1080 pixels) Display that can be overclocked to rate of 165Hz (supports 144Hz) rapid time to refresh, as well as 0.5ms (GTG) response time on a screen of 24 inches.

Stuttering and screen tearing are removed due to Nvidia G-SYNC technology. This results in the most smooth gaming experience that is possible. The eye-care technology, which features an unflicker-free display as well as blue light filters, assists in reducing strain on the eyes.

In addition you’ll have plenty of connectivity options thanks to the HDMI port DisplayPort 1.2 and Dual-link DVI-D connectors. Swivel, tilt, and pivot height adjustment and wall-mounting capabilities, offer the most comfortable viewing experience with this stand that is ergonomic. It includes unique Game Visual and Game plus features that boost the quality of color and control.

LG 24GN650-B

The primary benefit to the LG Monitor includes its height, tilt and pivot stand that can be adjusted that provides ease of use during eye strain.

The Response time of IPS at 1ms and the 144Hz refresh rate is among the top features that you can find in a game monitor. It is equipped with an sRGB color spectrum and HDR 10 3-Side that is virtually borderless display.

Because of the smoother display it is much more enjoyable. A 1080p resolution display on a panel with a size of 24 inches is an ideal combination. This type of display is ideal for color reproduction as well as broad viewing angles. The stand is always an item that is more expensive. For under $200 dollars, this display is certainly one of the top price-for-quality monitors you can find.

Asus VN279QL

Asus VN279QL is a slim bezel with an 8mm thickness. It is perfect for multi-screen applications.

A well-designed stand includes swivel, tilt and pivot height adjustment. It is possible to mount it on the wall to provide more comfort in viewing angles.

To provide crystal-clear, detail-oriented enjoyment ASUS VividPixel Technology can be utilized. It is equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium Technology gamers can enjoy seamless, fluid motion in high-resolution games and fast-paced ones by using this monitor. It effectively reduces the screen’s tearing and stuttering when engaging in any type of game.

BenQ PD2500Q

The BenQ PD2500Q has two-kilo QHD (2560×1440 in pixels) HD resolution. This QHD display lets even the tiniest elements of the design pop out with exceptional clarity and precision of color that is 100 percent.

Every frame of the Display is calibrated by a factory according to 100% sRGB as well as REC seven09 standard. Designer modes offer specialized options like darkroom, CAD/CAM, as well as Animation modes.

You can alter the settings for display to increase performance and efficiency by using the monitor. Connectivity between different PCs, Macs, and mobile devices is simple thanks to this Universal HDMI DisplayPort Mini DisplayPort USB 3.1 Gen1 connectivity switch. The ultra-thin bezel design extends from edge to edge, maximizing the amount of space you can use while taking the smallest amount of space. It’s ideal for dual monitor use with DisplayPort Daisy chaining as well as other techniques.


Its HP VH240a Monitor has a 23.8-inch Full HD display (1920 1080p x 1080p resolution with a 60Hz frame rate) with an aspect ratio of 16:9 as well as an anti-glare matte LED-backlit IPS display. Additionally, it has the smallest 5ms response time and an overdrive function to provide smooth images that appear clear and fluid, without motion blur.

This monitor has integrated audio speakers that are 2 amps per channel. This provides excellent sound quality for your videos.

A thin and virtually frameless ultra-widescreen with three-sided bezels with narrow edges allows for seamless multi-monitor setup. It offers an expansive viewing angle and 90 degrees of rotation for vertical (landscape) as well as vertical (portrait) view modes. In addition it has adjustable height and tilt as well as 178-degree positioning are included to provide the best picture quality from any angle.

The monitor can be mounted on the wall using brackets since the display can be VESA certified. It has connectivity options like VGA as well as HDMI that have HDCP compatibility with laptops and multi-monitor configurations. In addition it comes with an AC power cord as well as an HDMI cable are included inside the package.

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Samsung Odyssey

Samsung Odyssey has a 144Hz refresh rate as well as a 1ms response time. The gaming monitor is vertical, which eliminates motion blur and offers an enjoyable gaming experience that can give players an edge.

The FHD resolution creates crisp, clear color. It is the ultrawide monitor which provides an expansive viewing angle that allows gamers to enjoy high-quality game content across every inch of screen, without color shifting across a wide viewing angle.

AMD FreeSync assists in synchronizing the speed of both your gaming graphics device and the ultrawide displays to reduce shutter and motion delay while giving you a better gaming experience. It can be adjusted in height, tilt and swivel, allowing you to find a suitable place for your eyes, and then secure it. Alongside the sleek design and elegance of the metal base, it’s VESA compatible, making its installation on a wall or a mount it a breeze.

LG 24GL650-B

This LG Monitor has a 24” Full HD (1920 x 1080) Display. The most notable highlight for this model is Radeon FreeSync Technology.

Due to the height-adjustable stand, users are able to adjust their height so as to prevent neck strain during long several hours. It is equipped with 2 HDMI ports, one of which is a Display Port. It also comes with the TN panel that is typical of every gaming monitor.

In the case of graphic design monitors it is recommended to use IPS panels. This gaming monitor has been designed to ensure that images with a fast speed and high-resolution look smooth. It also features Twisted Nematic display technology, that is not found in normal monitor.


Along with increasing productivity, and making your viewing experience more pleasurable, a horizontal monitor can significantly enhance efficiency of work. It is beneficial for designing vertical layouts studying large chunks of code, reading your favourite ebook, or just looking at results of a search engine or browsing through articles online among other things.

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