3 Best Gaming Browsers for Professional Gamers

Gaming Browsers

While browsers have been very homogeneous for a long time, recent advancements in gaming browsers offer a boon to gamers. Everybody uses their computer for different purposes. Some use it to edit, while others use it for gaming and recreation. There are many software options for each of these tasks, but it is strange that a gamer would need the same browser as a member of a corporate team.

Software companies are now creating tailored browsers for gamers, which is a good thing. Recent gaming browser releases have been outstanding and will excite gamers.

Why is it important to use Gaming Browsers?

If you have a low-memory machine, you know how frustrating it is to use a memory-hog browser like Chrome. Every Chrome user should be concerned about using excessive system resources. These gaming browsers are light on system resources, but offer great customization options.

Chrome users often complain about Chrome’s heavy weight. Google monitors all of your online activities and you can’t turn it off. Gaming browsers protect your privacy and offer options to disable tracking of online activities.

Let’s take a look at the top Gaming Browsers and their perks.

Opera GX

You will feel a nostalgic, gamey feeling from the moment Opera GX launches. With its customizable options and feature set, the browser challenges all notions of a web browser. Don’t worry! Opera GX is still Chromium-based and packed with amazing features so you won’t have any trouble getting used to it.

Both Windows as well as macOS are compatible with the browser. The gaming browser ensures that you do not experience slowdowns in performance even when browsing for long periods of time on your computer. It’s amazing to see how thoughtfully thought-out the browser is, even though it uses the same open-source Chromium Project. Let’s take a look at the Opera GX features that gamers love.

A Gamey User Interface

Opera GX comes with a default red-black interface, which is quite impressive. However, you can also choose from many other themes. This gaming browser has a lot more design options than any other browsers. Razer Chroma is a great tool to control the RGB lighting on your gaming computer. Opera GX is integrated with Razer Chroma, which allows you to seamlessly control accessories and tune RGB lighting on your computer.

People tend to only look at the visual elements when evaluating an application’s user interface. However, sound elements are a huge part of a great UI. Opera GX uses amazing in-browser sounds to enhance the audio aspect. These in-browser sounds were created by industry-leading musicians, some of which have won the BAFTA Games Awards.

Be sure! Opera GX’s in-app experience is unmatched.

The Feature Set is unbeatable.

Opera GX will include many of the same features as the original Opera browser. But be prepared for some surprises. This gaming browser will provide you with many new and more advanced features.

There are two options available to you if your browser crashes. You have two options: either kill the browser completely using your task manager or wait until the computer settles down. These options are very inconvenient because you can’t control your browser to your specifications. Opera GX gives you the ability to control your hardware like a real owner with its amazing hardware control capabilities.

The CPU, and RAM limiter with GX Control do exactly what they sound. GX Control allows you to change the RAM and CPU usage for each tab. This is essential for lag-free browsing. Opera GX has a valuable and powerful feature called the Hot Tab Killer. This feature, which is quite interestingly named, kills resource-hungry tabs before they become problems for your machine. You should be cautious as it may kill tabs that you need.

Other great features

A quick access feature is another great addition. Twitch and Discord are vital for every gamer. They allow you to have team discussions, receive updates, watch streams, and much more. Opera GX makes these services much easier to use with a quick access bar that is preloaded with lots of great stuff. You can also add WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram, and Messenger to the quick access toolbar.

To avoid annoying ads, most users add an extension to their default browser. However, these extensions can make the browser more heavy. The extension acts as a side-loaded program, so every time you open your browser it uses more resources. Opera GX solves this problem by providing an integrated ad blocker.

GX Cleaner is included with the gaming browser. This cleans up your system resources to provide a better browsing experience. The Cleaner allows you to clean Cache, Cookies and Tab data while also keeping an eye on real-time cleanup stats.

Opera GX respects privacy.

Opera GX is the best choice if you’re fed up with Edge and Chrome’s frequent activity tracking. These browsers can be sluggish due to extensive user tracking. Opera GX on the other hand makes it easy to feel safe while playing with the browser.

A built-in VPN is available in the browser to protect your privacy online. The VPN can be connected to servers around the world, including America, Europe, Asia, and Europe. You will see fewer ads thanks to the VPN. You can also modify how websites interact with your browser. For example, you can limit the information that a website can access or send do-not track requests.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was beaten by Google Chrome, which is more powerful and faster. Firefox has made a huge leap in the past few years to be the most popular browser. Firefox has undergone a major visual overhaul as well as significant improvements to its internal structure, making it more user-friendly and faster. These are the features that gamers should be aware of.

Firefox uses very little System Memory

Firefox is not a Chromium browser. This means that it is fundamentally different than Chrome, Edge and other popular browsers. The browsers that use Chromium add significant amounts of processes to every task. If you open 15 tabs, the browser can add up to 15 additional processes. Each extension and tab act as a separate program, which increases the system resource consumption. Firefox uses only four processes regardless of how many tabs and extensions you open within the gaming browser. Firefox is a better choice than your default browser if you are frustrated by the memory-hogging nature of Firefox.

Firefox is privacy-centric

It may seem easy to visit a website. You simply go to the website, view the contents, interact with them, and then close the tab. The website’s contents are downloaded by your browser and saved to your RAM until the tab is closed. Many websites allow you to download tracking cookies from the Internet, cryptominers and social media trackers. Do you make sure that your browser does not download malicious files each time you visit a website.

Firefox protects you from the evil intentions of the internet. Firefox’s gaming browser has an integrated tracker blocking feature to block any suspicious code. Firefox offers many customization options that allow you to modify your privacy settings.

Firefox offers a large extension library.

Firefox has spent a lot of time and effort on expanding its Extension Library. This has been a game-changer. Firefox offers many exclusive extensions that are not available in other browsers. These extensions can be very useful in real-world situations. Multi-Account Container is one such extension that allows you to use multiple accounts on the same platform. This feature eliminates the need to log into another account and go into incognito tabs every time you wish to use them.

Firefox is Open Source

What is the most important reason that all popular browsers use the same Chromium Project under the hood? Open-source nature of the project attracts developers around the globe to contribute to the already great Chromium project and create a new project. Opera GX and many popular browsers all use the same project.

Firefox follows the same path, making its code open-source for anyone who wishes to modify it to create a better product. Open-source is both a benefit for developers and users. Firefox users can expect regular feature updates and developers can help improve Firefox.

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Security Browser is a browser utility by the antivirus creator, Avast. You get a browser that is both security-centric and fast, as expected from Avast. Avast Secure Browser has many similarities to Google Chrome, but without all of the downsides. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you get from this gaming browser.

Advanced Security Features

Avast has done the majority of the tweaking to the Privacy and Security department within the original Chromium project. The Security Privacy Center gives you access to a wide range of security features. These features include:

Avast Internet Security Integration

Antivirus integration features allow you to connect your browser to Avast Antivirus on your computer. The browser and the Antivirus work together while you surf the web.

Bank Mode

If you frequent Bank websites, the Bank Mode feature should be a must-have. This handy feature allows you to open a separate browser session on a virtual desktop and encrypts the contents. This additional layer of security is vital to prevent confidential data being leaked.

Avast SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPN integration allows you to access your VPN right from your browser. You can upgrade to unlimited VPN support, even though the trial period is only 7 days.


Anti-Fingerprint makes it impossible for websites to track your online fingerprint when you visit them. This feature blocks personalized ads and prevents websites from tracking you.


Adblock eliminates ads and allows you to continue browsing the internet. To ensure that your session is ad-free, it also blocks any ad-creating scripts running in the background.

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This feature blocks Phishing websites as well as malicious content from phishing emails. If you click on a malicious hyperlink, Avast will immediately terminate the connection between you to the website.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is the best option if you are looking for a browser session that doesn’t allow anyone to track you or create browsing histories. This mode is similar to Chrome’s incognito, but it offers more privacy.

Additional security features

Avast Secure browser also includes HTTPS encryption, Password Management, Extension Guarding, and many other security features. Hard Check is a feature that warns you when your email address is logged on to suspicious websites.

The manual checking of email is another interesting feature that comes with the Hard Check. The search bar will display a list of possible places where your credentials could be compromised as soon as you type an email address. You should switch to another address immediately if your email is marked as compromised.

Last Note

If you’re a gamer, or love a rich browsing experience, gaming browsers are essential. These gaming browsers are great for faster performance, customizing your experience, and protecting your online privacy. Opera GX is a great choice for a fun browsing experience. Firefox can be used to eliminate Chromium-based browsers. Avast Secure Browser offers the greatest number of privacy-centric features.

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